Choice of Vampire Fall of Memphis Save?

Ok so at the end of my game in cov it makes me name my saved game, so my question is how do i get back to my character in the second installment of cov.

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Well in the spirit of not flooding the forums with one question discussions; how do you get your compassion high enough to be able to become a vegetarian?

Also, @lac1234, what CoR and CoI did was before starting on the second installment it asked you whether you wanted to restore a saved game from CoR. I’m guessing it’s the same here.

Ahh, never mind my question.

Does anyone know how to start a relationship with the priest in mississippi?


Excuse me, I am having a bit of trouble raising a vampire’s willpower sufficiently enough to become a vegetarian in this new update, since you’ve mastered creation of vegan vampires, could i bother you to supply me with a step by step guide which entails which choices to make or what not? I will provide my email address should it be too spoilery for everyone else, if it’s alright with you?

Please and thank you for your consideration

@Larseille Actually, there’s an old thread that describes what you need, which is a Will of 3 and a Compassion of 70. So far what you need is to pick the (obviously) good choices. The only way, I’ve found out to get a will of three is to pick that your dominus lusted for you and that you kissed the Blarney Stone. Then, (before the update at least) you have to lie to Estefania when she asks you what your goal in your un-life is, and you lie again when she asks your favorite blood.


I was aware of the old thread but nobody was answering when there were other people askin and it was kinda sad…

Oh! I’ve been telling the truth about my goals… Thanks for that, but the blarney stone? I’ve never seen that option… Is that for when your vampire is irish? Thanks for replying! See, prior to the update, i’d figured out the vegetarian thing,

  1. Itamaraca the pirate as maker (reckon it only works for this one)
  2. Willpower at 3, for frenchman and priest, you need to be turned at the burning croft
  3. For compassion, need to tell your granny you took the doll and you’re gonna give it back, then when you’re grandmother is dying, pick to leave her coz you can’t bear to see her die.

And i’d only just got it right then the update happened and the formula didn’t work anymore… Bit frustrating, that. And sad :frowning:

I’m a bit confused (normal for me that).

I just bought Choice of the Vampire 2 from Amazon. I boot it up and there’s no ‘load save’ option. Instead, I’m asked to make some choices about what happened in the first game.

The first game I played on the PC a few months back, I believe, and I think I saved it (I hope I did anyway, as I’m wasting my time making this post). Would it be because I didn’t play it on the tablet, I didn’t play the updated version, or do you get asked to load a save later, which would seem odd?

Unless, as I mentioned above, I didn’t save it at the game’s end, which would be stupid of me.

Sorry to be a pain and bump this with the same question, but I assume others have the option to load their save game right at the start?

I’m about to start the first part, and if people don’t have that option, it would save me going through the entire first game again. Though I assume people do, and it’s me that’s at fault here.

Edit: Also, one thing I noticed while trying different things at the start to see if I could get the ‘load save game’ option, I noticed that choosing different options didn’t have any real effect. No way to choose a male character either, as curtsying and bowing both give a female character. Which I assume is to help new players customise their experience if they’ve not played the 1st game.

@DavidGil You should absolutely be able to load a savegame in the AAA version. The first question of the game is “do you want to load a savegame?”

The first options I have available to me are:

“Perhaps I should go and make it known that I am fit to be senator of Memphis.”

“This is my opportunity to make my mark upon the Society.”

“Finally, a reason to leave Vicksburg behind.”

“But, what can I do about this?”

So, I’m guessing there’s a bug then. :frowning: Like I said, the options for generating a new character at the start for others who’ve not played the first game don’t seem to be working correctly either.

I’ll try redownloading and see if it helps.

Edit: Still the same options. I assume the save game question would appear regardless of whether I have a save game file on your servers and it just wouldn’t let me load a game if I don’t have one. (I just hope I’ve saved and I’m not messing everyone around)

Okay, I just quickly went through the first game on my tablet (free version of the first game and updated), choosing any old response, and saved the game. I also noticed that the last scenes of the first game are quite similar to the second game’s beginning.

I boot up the second game, restart and I still have no ‘load save game’ option. (I bought the 2nd part from Amazon’s uk site.)

So I’m on my kindle fire playing this, yet I can never load a saved game. I don’t even get the optionto

Have you found the character generation for new players to be iffy too, amongst other things? Whether you curtsy or bow, you still end up with a female character.

I downloaded it onto my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 from Amazon uk.

@DavidGil yes I have found the character generation for new players to be jiffy as well. I also get the error for both greetings to set the character to female. Yes I have the same options you did as the first you can choose.

@12lexy12 are you playing on a Kindle Fire as well?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 for me (10.1).

Glad to know I’m not the only one to experience this anyway.

@jasontevanhill yes I’m playing on my kindle fire
@DavidGil I feel the same, at first I just that it was my Kindle Fire

@DavidGil @12lexy12 I think I’ve found the problem, and have submitted a patch to Amazon.

@DavidGil I still can’t find the gender bug you mention. After the patch, can you check it out again?

@Larseille Mostly, you just need to choose “stubbornness” when given the opportunity to improve a trait, and then try to resist the urge to feed from the soldier after the Battle of New Orleans. That will a) make your Willpower 3 and b) trigger knows_about_vegetarianism. Then you just have to maintain a high Compassion.