Choice of the Vampire: The Fall of Memphis -- player feedback and reviews

@jasonstevanhill I wanted to show you how one of my playthroughs ended. Why is it saying that I couldn’t find Wilson in part 1 and that Apollo did when it’s impossible to find Wilson in part 1? Also I was favorite child of NO before I left and yet my maker doesn’t bring me up in conversation and Estefania is not my eternal best friend like Jesse is? Shouldn’t all of them love me? And if we chose to say that “Stone has done us all a favor” shouldn’t it say we have at least sympathies for Stone instead of “you had yet to take a real stand…” And it’s saying I already fled Memphis? And Cairo? O_o
Thanks ahead of time if you could take a look at this.

                            \*Below is what my endgame looked like.\*

Vampire Name: Lisette Rillieux
Dominus: Pieter Van der Ahe
Choice of Prey: Vegetarian
Final Income: 28
Final Wealth: 169375

You had yet to take a real stand on the matter of Consul Stone’s revolution.

The name of your dominus was Pieter Van der Ahe. He is alive, and probably doesn’t bring you up in conversation very much.

Jesse Whitaker was your broodmate. Your devotion to Jesse knew no bounds. News of your “retirement” is greeted with great sorrow by your elder broodmate.

Estefania Rios e Hidalgo was an acquaintance. The two of you were on friendly terms. She no doubt speaks highly of you when your name is brought up in conversation. You sought the vampire Wilson Maddox in Memphis. He was the offspring of Samantha Withers. But you failed to subdue him. Apollo Carothers had to do it for you.

You fled Memphis, still in possession of your limbs and your faculties. Leaving Cairo behind, you look forward to the next few decades with great anticipation.

No, the high wealth starts are French landowners, southern women, spanish craftsmen, and yankee entrepreneurs (If chosen for desire). The rest are low, 2500.

Also, there are five languages - English, Spanish, French, German, and Latin. Since German is the only one that can’t be learned in-game, that means that only the German background allows a true polyglot. I’m pretty sure it would work, anyway. Have Estafania teach you Spanish, then get exiled from New Orleans during the meeting with Overstreet by frenzying on Jesse. A man in Karlstein can teach you French. Choose to pick up Latin in a timeskip, and you can learn English the same way, or have Samantha teach you.

Actually, while I’m on the topic of Karlstein. This is a very minor complaint, and probably nothing you want to fiddle with while you’re revising Fall of Memphis, but one thing that always bothers me is how Anselm stays pointlessly behind to be murdered by the mob. Having him stay with you as you go to Vickburg would be an unreasonable headache, I’m sure, but it would soothe my spirit if you could at least order him to flee as well, and/or give him a chunk of cash to set up a new life elsewhere. And of course, you could still order him to guard your retreat, to give the same outcome as currently occurs.

I have a question when choosing to head up further up the lake and live in that town. And you deal with the priest I forget which one, but how do you get the option to say ‘if you host an evening mass, you may see me there?’ The choice is always greyed out for me.

It’s only possible if you’re less than 60% superstitious. Your reaction as a vampire to what you might call religious defenses (being on holy ground, being presented with the cross) is determined by your own level of rationalism; if you’re a skeptic, you can largely do as you will, but if you’re superstitious, you will be repelled by the cross and unable to enter churches and such.

edit: I forgot, the man from whom you meet Clotho can also teach you french, as long as you don’t already have English. That’s probably easier than getting yourself exiled and going to St. Charles.

@Dominic I just thought French Landowners had the 40,000 originally. Is there a reason only southern women, Spanish craftsmen, and Yankee entrepreneurs, get it?

Don’t forget you can also learn Choctaw if you choose the Indian origin, so technically there are six languages.

And the whole superstition/rationalism doesn’t make much sense to me. Maybe it’s because I’m a huge lover/follower of supernaturals, but even a atheist or non-devout vampire should be affected by religious objects. And how can vampires not believe in magic when they are magically reanimated corpses who live forever and feast on the blood aka life force of the living? But I remember playing with a maker who didn’t consider themselves a god, but either distasted the Church or cursed less on Sunday’s who said they saw vampires being affected by holy water and told me to stay away from/not mess with Him and His followers. So isn’t that proof that vampires are still affected by God/religious items and people?

Choctaw isn’t a language that the game uses.

French landowners do start with the bonus 40,000. I listed them above.

As for the rest, the demonstration is in St. Charles, if you try to ambush the second priest that arrives.

“When you near, your fangs extended, he brandishes his crucifix at you, commanding you to withdraw in the name of the Lord.”

If you’re of a Christian faith and have superstition 60 or above, you get

“At the sight of that symbol, you stop cold. With a sickening wrench in your stomach, you double over in pain. Feeling himself possessed of the upper hand, Segura comes closer, chanting in Latin. Hurt and afraid, you flee before his holy power.”

Otherwise, the result is

“You pause a moment, and laugh in his face. “Your superstitions have no hold over me, father.” With a certain amount of glee, you watch as the priest’s faith shatters into a million pieces at the point of your fangs.”

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If you believe the old ways, the Choctaw ways, you also gain an immunity.

Hence “if you’re of a Christian faith,” yes.

@Dominic It’s possible it may get used in Part 3, possibly, since the Quaestor of the next town (St. Louis I believe) is also Native American.

I know the two stats plays a difference in game play, but I don’t really see the point. It’s obvious magic exist in the world this story takes place or there wouldn’t be vampires to begin with is the point I was trying to make.

I’d like to meet other supernaturals hopefully in Part 3. I’m still trying to decide if Clotho counts as the first non-vampire supernatural we meet. She’s either a seer, medium, witch, or all three. I’d say all three.

Perhaps, but at present, Choctaw simply isn’t tracked as a language. There’s no speaks_choctaw variable, as there is for all the other languages.

Anyway, it’s obvious that something exists more than most people think, but that doesn’t mean that all supernatural claims are true. It’s perfectly intelligible to think that vampires exist but God doesn’t, or that voodoo isn’t real, or that so on and so forth.

Clotho, in particular, is pretty manifestly a faker, hence the scene with the person who tries to kill her.

@Dominic When does it check we speak Latin lol? I’ve always wondered. The romance scene with Silas?

It is obvious that in this story world that more than meets the eye exist, but I find it very far fetched that a race of beings who die, come back to life, magically live forever and are cured of all disease, and who need blood to live exist yet God, magic/voodoo, and other supernaturals don’t exist. That’s silly lol.

The scene you are talking about was already planned by Clotho and the Sheriff or whatever guy. That way the sheriff got to charge the man with attempted murder AND evasion of federal tariffs I believe.

Clotho (whether you believe it or not) says she dreamed of you before meeting and I’m assuming knew that getting into a relationship with you meant her death, yet resigns to her and your fate hence the note she leaves behind. (Seer)

Clotho seemingly has some secret knowledge of life and death. Which would explain that when we meet her and Silas we feel the same type of spark. I thought it was quite obvious that Silas is just Clotho reincarnated hence your love “conquering death itself”. (Witch/Occult knowledge)

Finally, Clotho has some scenes like with the man she has tied up that makes it look like she is kind of a Medium. I assumed the man’s mother was dead yet Clotho said how the mom said he was a good boy. This leaves you and the man confused. And she didn’t have to say anything else because she scared him with the voodoo doll already.

I interpreted her as a actual seer/medium/witch. Or maybe witch is just easier.

There’s actually a number of Latin checks, though they’re mostly minor things, and many of them have high intelligence as an alternate requirement. The only one in Fall of Memphis is that when Consul Adonis is explained, you can reflect to yourself that

“Though you have never heard these titles in reference to the Society before, you do know that two Consuls ruled the Roman Republic for hundreds of years before the rise of Julius and Octavius Caesar. Praetors were soldiers tasked with the protection of the Consuls and later the Emperors.”

In the original, there are other such reflections that explain the origin of Clotho’s name. Or let you explain about “Helios the Sun-King” to the vampiric newcomer in New Orleans. Or alternate lies about blood-rations…hm. For some reason I had thought there were more. Actually, yes, there’s only a tiny handful of uses for Latin even in the original.

@Dominic Oh! I had noticed the mention of Clotho’s name being based on one of the sisters of Fate.

Who is is you can ask about Adonis to get that response? A senator? Or Apollo?

Thanks for the info. I was hoping we’d get more use out of Latin. In the newest update of CoV Part 1, if you choose to invest in bringing more modern technology to the city, you not only excites Jesse, but have a conversation where he says Carpe Diem and you say Carpe Noctem. These probably don’t use the Latin language in-game, but it was nice to see.

Actually, yes, that is a new one, just added. Requires latin, intelligence 3, or lore 3 to get that little quip in, which also increases rapport with Jesse by 10%.

@perles75: Walkthrough on viewing source code for published games. This process will work with any browser based interface, including Chrome (for accessing later products that are only available for sale).

  1. First, bring up the game (like you were going to play it), and note the URL displayed in the address bar. For me, for example, the URL for Vampire 2 is “chrome-extension://eoeanfnjlabcppelfdfaogddakcognal/index.html”.
  2. If present, strip off everything after the last “/” – in my case, leaving me with “chrome-extension://eoeanfnjlabcppelfdfaogddakcognal/”. In later steps, this will be referred to as the “Base URL”.
  3. Add “mygame.js” to the base URL – in my case, this gives me “chrome-extension://eoeanfnjlabcppelfdfaogddakcognal/mygame.js” – and open that page. This will bring up a JavaScript file (thus, “js”) as a simple text document. The part you are interested in as the top, which will vary from game to game. For Vampire 2, it looks like this:
    nav = new SceneNavigator([“startup”,
  4. As you might have already realized, each of the names in the list represents a scene within the game, and they play more or less in the order displayed. These scene files contain the actual source code for the game, so the next step is to open the individual files. To do this:
    a) Add “scenes/” to the base URL – in my case, that gives me “chrome-extension://eoeanfnjlabcppelfdfaogddakcognal/scenes/” (“scene base URL”)
    b) Add the name of the individual scene you are interested in /with an extension of “.txt”/ – in my case, this gaves me “chrome-extension://eoeanfnjlabcppelfdfaogddakcognal/scenes/memphis_1873_reception.txt”
  5. You should now be able to navigate to the URL and view the source code of the scene.

thanks mreed! :slight_smile:

If you believe the I’d like know how to be able to manipulate memories. Many times in the game, there were greyed out choices for this.

Honestly just wish they made it so you could do more things as a vampire, like how in the first one you can start up a shop for arts or bring in technology or a ring, but after you do one of those you cant do anything with the shop and it’s honest useless in a vampire story. They just makes it where you eventually keep traveling through the city’s a dnif you dont max out one stat then you prob won’t be able to do most of the quest.

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