Choice of the Vampire -- Beta Testing

Okay, we’re getting even closer to the day of release.

I’ve fixed a lot of the bugs you’ve been pointing out. I’ve also resolved all but two of the TODOs in the game. And those are ones I want your help with!

And the exploit-bug that @Player was bragging about. (At least, I hope so!)

The login and pw to the beta site remains unchanged. Please feel free to discuss the game here in this thread. If you’d like access, send and email to jason AT choiceofgames DOT com.

So jason, any thoughts of a part 3?

Have you played through 2 yet? It sets up part 3 pretty clearly.

Yes, but i meant like do you have any ideas for what you are gunna do, or if you were already on it

#2 is not even out yet quit bugging the guy before he decides to cancel #3 :slight_smile:

how do i become a beta tester

send email to jason AT choiceofgames DOT com
asking for it change the *AT* to @ and the DOT to . no spaces

question on the stats
do they build up with choices in game outside of the how you spend your time and set up part in the beginning of the game


My cheat still works just fine…

Also I found it by chance…

*To cheat Spoiler only for beta testers Only works on PC*

So open the beta go choose whatever your gonna choose when you hit the name selection close the beta tab open and the first part of the game from choice of games website go through the exact same procedure close the tab then open the beta test tab again go through the same procedure then when you hit name selection press show stats and be amazed…

Also I would advise not to choose a different gender or Domine but you can change your starting character to whatever you want but it won’t change the way that others will address you. Because the will be talking to your first choice character…
Also the procedure can be done if correct infinite times.

I think you’ll find that’s because both games are stored on the same server, via the same procedure - if there was only one copy on the server I don’t think that’d be a problem.

Finally ran the game through spellcheck. New version uploaded.

Is it to late to be a beta tester?

Do we list the bugs here? Just want to make sure before I start scouting.

Here or in an email.

Jason did you get my email about the game?

Hey jason I sent an email about the beta but didn’t get a response. I was hoping to play the beta.

me to

The beta is suddenly working for me. I’ll give you solid feedback when I can sit down and do it.


Can Withers visit?
Because you know she asks you to come for a visit we should be able to tell her to come…