Choice of the Vampire 2 -- Alpha testing


I don’t know what happened to the other thread; maybe I deleted it inadvertently.

Anyway, I’m lifting the ban on talking about the game on the internet. I’m going to take some clues from @JimD, and see if a public dialogue might provide better feedback.

As a note, I’m particularly looking for suggestions as to things to ask (things that you would like for your avatar to ask of the other characters) during the letter-writing sequence.

Also, if you’re interested in alpha testing, make sure to send me an email at jason AT choiceofgames DOT com.


Okay, last time I tried to play the game was midnight yesterday, so this might be fixed, but I am still having the issue of not being able to get to the second game. It only takes me to the first, and no farther even when I play straight through (and, yes, I am clearing my cache each time). I’ll try it again now, and let you know how the problem is.


It’s something in your browser, because some people are submitting comments on part 2.

When you get to the moment where the game asks you for a name for the savegame, try hitting “refresh”; the first time I got to that point, that fixed it for me.


@jasonstevanhill is there requirements outside of the nda to become a tester
and what should email contain when sent to you for request


I usually just send I’d like to test the game and my forum name.


I downloaded Chrome to see if using a different browser would work. Same problem, and I even hit refresh. The game isn’t even asking me to name my savegame, it’s just sending me to the mailing list page and gives me a long password to copy/paste. I’m beginning to wonder if I have the wrong link. It does this on my phone as well, so it can’t be my computer.


I am having the same problem as Farside. I don’t even get the option to enter a save name. It goes straight to the email thing, and if I cancel that, it gives me the long save code. Refreshing does nothing :c


I’m having the exact same problem as Farside and Noyr22 and I am using Safari.


Have the same problem as the rest and am using Firefox.


If you are having a problem, play COV1 from, save the game via email, load COV2. It should work.


It won’t let me play it either :frowning: xxx


:stuck_out_tongue: :X :"> :smiley: :-bd :-j : -0 =D> ;:wink:


@Jacobself ??


think he loves you


I done as JimD said - still no CoV2 option. Just takes me straight to the end of 1, and asks for my email, etc.


It didn’t work for me too.


Am I the only one that can play it?
On several computers?


I honestly wonder if maybe we have the wrong link or something, which I doubt. That’s all I can think of. I’ll probably just step back and wait until the game actually comes out to play it since I’m having these difficulties.


The beta works for me.


why not give me the link and ill see if it works :slight_smile: