Vampire 2 Continuity Testing


I need 25 volunteers.

If you volunteer (VIA EMAIL), I will send you a randomly-generated playthrough of Vampire.

What I need is for you to read through the playthrough carefully, and annotate continuity errors.

Specifically, insert a new line into the text document, prefaced with *comment, and then explain what the continuity error is.

This is an example of that process that was just sent in to me:

A few nights later, you arrive at the Freedman’s Bank. In the
interim, you’ve had a chance to do some rough calculations, and have
concluded that you have approximately $13 available to invest. A
young man greets you at the door, and locks it behind you. He
introduces himself as Percival Little, and leads you to his office.

He spends some time going over figures and projections with you, but
you have a hard time concentrating on his words; instead, you find
yourself fantasizing about feeding from this fellow.

When he is finished, he presents you with some investment options.

*comment - above, it says we have $13 to invest, and below the minimum
option is 100, which we successfully take

A: In truth, I’m not interested in investing much at all. I give
Little a hundred dollars or so, and ask him to tell Carothers that I
invested a small sum.

The game says that you invest $100, but the game also told you that you only have $13. The tester inserted a new line, which starts with *comment, and then told me exactly what the problem is.

Reading through a playthrough can take two to three hours. Please don’t volunteer unless you’re serious about doing this.



Just going through it for a second time to make sure I haven’t missed anything, but I’ve noticed a couple of grammatical errors as i read through should they be pointed out?




well I try it I would do my best but seem complicated.


also I do a normal beta playthrough the game seems more polish but I run with an error I have selected prey socialites and I decided conserve it but they give me a text that I’m feed from animals


@jasonstevanhill May there be a sort of history guide for non-Americans? I just feel so confused sometimes!! And this is sort of an idea but what If the MC was of Russian origin? Would the Americans be slighlty wary of them spreading communist ideas? And maybe Krupke could come into play with this origin? (Since he’s Prussian, but then again my history is not the best so correct me please!) I just feel that it could hit a big impact with the story. (Like If you’re Injun or German or a slave)


@trollhunterthethird This is set in the good ol’ days, before the Tsar was toppled by the rebellious and smelly. No risk of a Russian spreading Communist ideals.


I could help out tomorrow… maybe… possibly… I’ll let you know :smiley:


@Drazen Ah wise drazen, If only I could just have your brain during my history tests!


Hey my email is send me the link please I tried to send you a email but my phone is acting stipid


My email is Or you can send me a message. Either one works.



Might I test good sir?


Sorry more technical than i thought dont send me.


@DuncanLeChance It’s not technical at all. You’re just reading it like it was a book, and then commenting when something doesn’t make sense.

@the rest of you fools: Email me. Like it says in the directions. Don’t post your email here.


Well that wasn’t very nice :v


It is generally considered to be ill advised to post your email in an open forum like this. Spam bots can easily detect email addresses and add yours to their list. This is why Jason spells his out, rather than putting it directly.



aaaaand it continues :v


… I can’t tell. Is Rogar trolling us? Or did he actually completely fail to read both the immediately preceding, and original, posts?