Vampire 2 Continuity Testing


I just sent out a bunch of iterations of the game. If you still want to help, and didn’t receive one, send me an email.


if the option is still open I would like to test



They said don’t post your email. @hollsleslie


I would like to test


Same here!


I try out since I have free time for this month


People, read the first post. You volunteer by emailing @jasonstevanhill not by posting here.


I think I’ve emailed him like a month ago and I haven’t gotten a reply, which is why I chose to reply on this thread hoping for some kind of contact.


i kinda didnt get the email adress. is it
sorry if is seems stupid but i would like to test and wanted to make sure bout the email


If you haven’t gotten an iteration of the game from me in the past three days, you should send me another email if you want to do continuity testing on Vampire.


Can I beta test


I’m addictid so when is episode 2 coming out of the midevil times


I would see if I can get it but I want a surprise