Where in God's name is the sequel?

So all in all, this one may be my second favorite on the site. The zombie one just made first, but I have to ask…
Why did they waste time on Choice of Intrigues? Does anyone like those two games? They should’ve spent that time on a new Vampire…seriously. Let’s get on it, guys.

I actually liked Choice of Intrigue a little more than Choice of Vampire. That’s not to say that I didn’t like CoV, I -loved- the historical detail in CoV. It’s just the character interaction left me feeling a little flat, so I ended up liking CoI more.

I second that.

I mean, it was okay, but I really was never a big fan. I’m just saying maybe they give sequels to the games that never got their conrete endings. I’ve had that dang code saved since I was like, ten.

I know quite a few people for whom AotC is their favorite. I’m a split Dragon/Broadsides guy myself. But I’m looking forward to CoV2.

Flat? FLAT?!?!

No, seriously. How do you mean?

Aaaaand… @P_Tigras has just been banned from the forums. :slight_smile:

They are working on a Vampire Sequel as we speak, don’t fret :slight_smile:

@P_Tigras - Really? I thought that was the most unique character hosting CoG game I’ve played. Broadsides was ok, but choice of romance/intriuge I felt drew HEAVILY on stereotypes (the annoying/immature yet supportive younger sibling for e.g.). Nothing wrong with that, it has other strengths after all but I do believe CoV has stronger characters and dialouge than CoI or Broadsides. Each to their own of course :stuck_out_tongue:

@CJW I agree with you no younger sibling is supporting. Just annoying.


@SengokuKronos I remember I used to think that when I was your age…

I’m not old! You’re too young!

Eh, the Vampire game didn’t really leave an impression on me. There were too many skills and too many fillers.


Damn, I had a feeling you were going to ask me about that, and it’s a fair question that deserves a thoughtful answer. Unfortunately it’s been a few weeks since last I played and my memory is a little foggy on the details at this point. What I do recall is that my interactions with the characters that interested me most were more limited than I would have liked. In hindsight it was no doubt easier for AotC because the cast of characters was smaller and the time period more limited. I also recall being nonplussed once or twice because my character was forced to say things that were totally tactless due to his personality stats, stats which were listed in a way that I didn’t find immediately intuitive. I apologize for not being more specific. I’d have to play through the game again to give you more detailed answers.

Do recognize that I’m probably among the pickiest people you’ll meet on this forum, and despite my enjoyment of AotC, I still picked it apart pretty heavily in my Affairs of the Court Annoyances thread. So please take my words in that context. Just because I can be critical at times doesn’t mean I don’t think you wrote a great story overall.


I’m not arguing that the characters weren’t the most unique or colorful. My issue was that I didn’t have greater ability to interact with those that most interested me when we were living in the same city for years. At this point I’m having difficulty remembering names, so I’d have to play it again before I can go into more detail.

That’s a fair shout, but it’s something that would be hard to fix, because as you say, the time jumping :confused:

@P_Tigras take a look at the thread called something like vampire community input. Once you’re replayed the game, feel free to post your suggestions there.


Will do.

I thought it was said earlier that the sequel would come out last month. I got my hopes up for nothing, I guess. :-((

I enjoyed AoTC And CoV equally, but I was disappointed by HR. Nuff Said.
Fighting Trousers!

For someone who came to this site for good games with gay romance, I must admit that the one true romance game did not appeal to me all that much (Probably due to the fact that although you can play as male there’s very few opportunities to actually feel like the hunter instead of the hunted). Overall I’d probably have liked it better if my character could take a somewhat more proactive role in his destiny in that game.

Also have to agree with the fact that although Choice of the Vampire is by far my favourite of the official releases I would have liked to have been able to interact more with the some of the characters that really appealed to me (Silas and Jesse in my case).

@idonotlikeusernames I found Jesse to be both childishly petty and creepy. So I wanted as little to do with my character’s elder sibling as possible, and was very glad to leave him behind in New Orleans. It’s interesting that your reaction to the same character was so very different. I’m curious, what was it about Jesse that you found so appealing?

@ P_Tigras,
While Jesse can be a big Jerk he also seems to have a wicked sense of humor and may actually have a more gentle side deep under the jerkass veneer as well.
Remember, he fell in love with his food once too, so if you romance either Clotho or Silas or both you’ve got that in common. Also Samantha kind of had it coming she really isn’t all that smart (she also seemingly refuses to get any of his more subtle hints that he just isn’t into her and I can sympathize with resorting to somewhat drastic measures to rid himself of this nuisance in that case) and has some really outdated notions about slavery/the Confederacy.
That doesn’t mean I don’t like to manipulate Jesse right back, indeed more often than not I save Sam from him. Finally it probably also helps his case that he’s cute (yeah I can be shallow like that). In short I tend to like bad boys and I’m hoping it’s possible to have some good foe yay with Jesse in part 2.