Choice of Broadsides 2?


ive been thinking and ive been wanting to ask CoG if they could see if they could make a 2nd choice of broadsides


There was a page on the site- I’m not sure where to find it- that was titled “Vote for the Next Choice of Game” or something of that nature, and a Choice of Broadsides sequel was listed as a potential game, but I’m not sure if that page is actually “active” (for lack of a better term) and I’m not sure if anything on that page is actually taken into consideration.


There have also been plenty of threads asking this same thing all going back a fair ways. Suffice to say, I doubt there will be a sequel.

#4 it’s three years old that blog post.


I saw something somewhere deep in the off-topic section probably where someone wanted to have a game similar to CoB but it went through many generations. I could see if I can dig it up.
EDIT: Haha, silly me it was in Choice of Broadsides.


Sighhh, I wish that there would be another Choice of Broadsides, if only for the fact that a part of me is still swooning over Villeneuve. Sadly, it appears as though that possibility is becoming dimmer by the day.


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That is really really sad to hear since I was quite the skeptic when it came to this type of game/read but after reading this story I must say that I have become an instant fan. Now I’m trying to create a story and learn how to use this code. Oh how the tables have turned. Really wish they made a sequel or an expansion of some type.



Welcome to the forums. It is a pity. Still there’s a lot of other games for you to play.

I would love to see this.


i thought this topic was closed? or was it a different one that i was watching?


Clearly this topic is not closed. But please do not bump it for the sake of it and keep discussion on it to the topic in hand.


Understood. I am intrested in a sequal being made, id like to see what else the MC can do as an admiral.


I am sure if it was Cataphrak making it, the game would be amazing. It would be interesting to see how it would be done in his style.


Perhaps a sequel might have involved a fleet action analogous to the battle of Trafalgar? That would make for interesting choices. No need for troublesome issue of carrying over romances from previous game, Hornblower and Sharpe had a new girl every book.