Victory titles, House of pariliament, peers


There many famous Admiral that given victory titles, inturn to raise lordship for major battles. I would love see affection play out your career after getting knighted. It bloody awesome to have post career after you retire from navy.


Me too


Only if now proper grammar, and took writing class. I would make my own.


yea they should make alot of add ons


Personally, I’d love to see a sequel to Choice of Broadsides (Choice of the Line? Choice of the Admiral? Choice of Squadrons?) where you work your way up from commanding your frigate, up to a 74-gun Third-Rate, then into the command of a squadron and perhaps eventually the entire fleet, perhaps facing your opposite number in a Trafalgar-like battle of annihilation, either as fleet commander (Nelson), second in command (Collingwood) or the commander of one of the ships of the line, depending on how well your career’s gone.

CoB is my favourite game, but honestly, it only covers (in my opinion) the least interesting part of the standard Aubrey/Hornblower/Bolitho career path. Once politics and peers of the realm and fleet operations on a massive scale become involved, then things get interesting (and complicated!).

I would love to write a sequel, if CoG gave me the chance (hint hint), but that’s obviously not my decision to make.



Yes but then we would be seeing a different writing style, etc.

What if you did a prequel to Sabers? If I understand correctly, that was a naval war against Antar (Gauls) and could include everything you want to involve.


King Alaric’s War? There’s a thought.


That all sounds pretty cool. I’m currently working on a game similar to CoB (same time period), but it involves pirates. It’ll probably play somewhat like CoB but I want it to be unique in it’s own way and not copy broadsides. Thoughts?


Unholy thread necromancy, batman. Or something along those lines.


@TheIslandOfArria Start your own thread about the game you’re working on. You’ll get better feedback there. I’m sure people will love a pirate game.


@FairyGodfeather Ok, I did.


I Think it’s strange that i can end as a powerful admiral and MP but have few money.


Military pay isn’t very high, and a seat in Parliament isn’t cheap.


Well, that’s true


Choice of broadsides is also my favourite, I would love any game in that time period really. Do you not get a salary as an mp? I know you do for being the prime minster


Prior to the 20th Century, no MP got paid, period (this includes the Prime Minister).