The Age of Sail - Beta Test - Feedback Welcome!

I started this discussion for you guys to report any bugs or any typos in the game. Please feel free to give feedback!

I really hope you guys like the game!

The game can be accessed here: //

Please post all typo and spelling errors here. I glanced over the game but I’m sure I missed a lot.

Thank goodness for beta testing! lol

Bud game…shortet then i expected but everytime i send my two strongest men to help the crew that are trapped shortly after its a error…overall 4 out of 5 stars

Thanks. I fixed that error you pointed out and what is Bud game?

famous is misspelled as famouse. I think the game felt like it was going into a good direction then ended before it could really start.

What I have now is not the full game more will be on the way.

LOL i meant gud game…gud as in good

lol thanks!

I liked it a lot. Sometimes though it feels like I’m playing choice of broadsides. Some of the situations felt the same. Like the beginning where I have to choose between saving two people, saving one, or letting them both die. Or the scene when I am deciding how I am going to capture a ship.

Keep going! It’s fun to play

Ok I’ll be sure to change those parts up a little bit.

I agree with Victoriya, much of the game is very similar to Choice of Broadsides. Such as the beginning where you choose to make sacrifices and save the men or just keep fighting.

I have to agree with the above: The choice to save the injured sailors, commanding the prize (then choice of capturing another prize), and the barometer pressure drop.
I also expected some more change to come out from your decision of saving the people in the wagon when you were off duty.
I think my patron stat dropped when I chose to reply to the captain ASAP as well, which I thought was a bit strange.
It was overall a good working game though.

Hurrah, have it book marked will give it a spin soon.

The game is pretty decent but one of its biggest flaws is that it seemed too much like Choice of Broadsides. The plot structure, the stats and even character creation seemed like it was lifted from the Choice of Broadsides game and paraphrased/rewritten.

lol the only thing you haven’t taken out from Choice of Broadsides was to get married or not :stuck_out_tongue: Either way awesome story and I like how there are many ways to die xD

It wont let me access th game??? Som1help


It is still working presently at: /

Thanks for the responses guys. It looks like the big thing now is to just get the game away from being the same as CoB.

I have a major over haul and expansion in the works. Will provide more info ASAP.

But for now I’m going on a cruise with my family and will be gone for a week. But will pick up writing as soon as I get back.

One thing I like about this game was the conflict between the savages and my character. It it going to be longer. It would be awesome to Have more conflict and events between the cannibals and my character


Just returned from a two week vacation with my family. It was nice to get away from the office. But I promised you details on the over haul so here they are.

First off the game will be almost doubled in length and will include adventures in port, hurricanes, pirate interactions and hunting down privateers. Cities along the way will be Gibralter, Cozumel and Port Royal.

Also in the overhaul I will be changing things in the existing game. Most off this will be aimed to make The Age of Sail not feel like choice of broadsides. I’ll be adding more interaction with the women you save from the carriage too.

If you have anything you would really like to see added please tell me.