Age of Sail - Preview Coming Soon

Hi Guys,

I’ve have been working on The Age of Sail for about a month now and I am almost to the point of letting people test it. Its a swashbuckling adventure that takes place during the 18th century. You take the place of an aspiring Royal Navy officer. If you liked choice of broadsides you will love this.

I also have a few big expansions in mind that I could add to the game later as well. I also submitted a pitch before I began writing so hopefully the game will cost 99 cents on release and then as a big update comes out the price will increase as well.

I also have two more games in mind for the future. One is The Battle of Waterloo and let the player decide the fate of a continent based on his actions in battle. Second is a game around the idea of Robinson Crusoe where the player is shipwrecked and can rebuild his life on the island or try and escape.

Feel free to give feed back!

Really I ll take a look at the games once their betas are out.

Looking forward to it. Sounds intriguing.

it sounds like a good idea. Are you going to release a demo? Because it would let people have a glimpse of the game and decide whether they want to buy it.

I like the idea… idk is CoG will put a price tag on your CoG for the android market… but the ipod market yes.

Yes I wam working on making a demo available right now. But Im not sure on how to upload the game to my google website. If anyone knows how to do this that would be great.

I figured out how post the game on The demo will be up in a week or so. Hope everyone likes it.

I’m waiting on it… lol

Looking forward

The link to the website I set up for the game is below. I will include a link to the game soon since I still have six more days of that nasty little waiting period.

I will also use this website to release news about new games that I will be developing.

I know you guys have been excited to see some of the game even though the one week waiting period isn’t over yet. So I copied and pasted the very begining of the game below. I hope this gets you excited.

The fifty six gun H.M.S Victory silently glides through the night fog. You stand fast on the gun deck scanning the horizon with your spyglass. Your watch will end in several minutes and so far nothing intresting has happened. Soon four bells ring out against the night’s eerie silence and your watch is over. You turn and prepare to walk down the stairwall for a well deserved nights rest. All of a sudden a cold shiver goes up your spine.

You turn around and take one last look through your spyglass. You train your eye across the horizon and all of a sudden a bright flash arcs across the horizon.

“Brace for impact!” You yell and throw yourself to the deck. Everyone else on your watch follows suit.

Seconds later cannonballs rip across the deck shattering ropes and splintering wood. After the first enemy broadside you stand up briskly and start giving orders.

“Beat to Quarters!”

“Wake the captain!”

Soon the whole ship is bustling with activity and people scurrying around. The gun crews crouch next to their cannons and wait for orders. You join your gun crew on the port side of the gun deck.

Anyone like it lol

Lol yeah man it looks great bro…

Thanks that means a lot to get your approval :slight_smile:

Sounds exciting, really enjoyed CoB.
Will it be available online for those of us who don’t have smart phones?

First off… Welcome to CoG… I see your new here…
:wink: to answer your question… I will first have to ask you to be more specific with your question… are you saying will it be available for regular phone? Or for Kindle or Nook?

Yes it will be available on my website as well as being sold to smart phone users amazon market and itunes app store.

Or at least that’s my plan :slight_smile:

Quick question… did you make a logo yet?

Your Blog looks sweet Mattnoles!!!


For the game or website?