The Wave Rider (wip demo - 4/23/2015)

You asked for it, so I’ve got it (at least the prologue to it.) On the poll I set up, you all heavily favored “Endless Waves” to the other two choices, with the runner-up behind by 20 votes. It may be obvious by the title, but I altered the title to “The Wave Rider”. Here’s the (Very Short) demo - I hope you like it so far.

Probably in need of a better title, this is a game I haven’t really jumped into yet. If you’ve ever seen Waterworld, you probably agree it was a great concept which could have been executed better (I’m still a fan). Well this has sort of the same concept. A world of water, a dangerous group of pirates trying to kill you, and boat of your own. In need of a real plot and an original one at that to differentiate from the film, I predict this one not to be favored, but I thought I’d put it out there anyhow.

-bug fix (finally got around to it)
-new artwork at beginning

-small additions to prologue
-part of chapter 1-1 added
-minor character introduction: Samuel the Shopkeeper
-side character introduction: Elaine the Companion
-main character introduction: a surprise gift


  • prologue completed
  • six “Classes”
  • four Personalities
  • minor character introduction and deduction: Grandfather
  • antagonist introduction: Captain Dutch the Downsail Pirate
  • negative one friendships with pirates

Does choosing thief plus sarcastic result in death because its a demo, or is that just a bad combination? Because there are better ways to end a demo than killing off the player.

Looks good; I’ll have a closer look later tonight.

I keep getting a busted back from landing on a rowboat.
I am presuming that particular moment marks the end of the prologue?

I’m wagering the player character didn’t die, per say.

It’s more like one of those moments when a person gets knocked out and wakes up sometime later only to face a new situation - I think. :no_mouth:

@AntonSlavik020, @Packet: Almost dying at the end of the demo is part of the story, no avoiding it. Spoiler alert: you didn’t die.

Oh, whew.

For a moment, I thought I was doing something wrong. :sweat_smile:

Omg i never would of guessed that spoiler u ruined it for me

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@Packet: I’m not sure what you could have done wrong in that short of a demo, but I get you.
@anon48296871: Damn! Should have used the spoiler effect!

We are a 26 year old pirate? Or sailor? And yes you should learn how to use spoiler before i flag you for ruining the whole experience

@anon48296871, just a sailer. You learn to sail young in this game.


“Picard! Where’d you come from?! And where did Packet go?..”

[quote=“Doctor, post:8, topic:8497”] :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: I’m not sure what you could have done wrong in that short of a demo :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

[quote=“Batman, post:10, topic:8497”]//
"Picard! Where’d you come from?! And where did Packet go?.."

"Why, I’ve just stepped out of my office, and I believe Packet went for a swim."

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I love post-apocalyptic! And I love pirates! Can’t wait for first full chapter!

Ah, gotcha. The way it was worded I thought we DID die.

@AntonSlavik020: Yeah, I might have to reword it after I finish the chapter.
@Zane_Hiam: Glad to hear it!

Ahaha, I think where you said “end of the line hero” that gets everyone. I’m intrigued by the second character in the stat menu. We get to have a companion?

Also, I haven’t seen waterworld in ages so it’s a little hazy for me (the story line). How about finding floating land? People could have found a way to defy gravity and make some parts of land float in the sky, following the problem of rising water. Those people who live in the sky have created a type of utopia. People in the water world never noticed them because they appear like clouds from below. It can be documented in those papers left by gramps. Maybe have some kind of crisis that calls the need for help from the utopia survivors. Or you could protect their secret and stop the floating land from merging with the sea. Like maybe the floating land is falling and will destroy the surviving civilisation of the people living on the sea. Or have the people at sea vs the sky dwellers. I don’t know, you asked for some ideas so there’s a few. :smile:

I don’t know about the whole floating land thing. I’m kind of going for a realistic approach, plus I’m trying to show that humanity has deteriorated. But thanks for the idea, anyway.
The end of the line thing is actually something I have specifically in the end game scene… that’s not really part of the game.
The second character is… a surprise!

I wasn’t really looking forward to this game because I really don’t find boats and pirates fascinating but the demo was so fun to play! I especially loved the Lifestyle and Personality choices. A Saintly Medic all the way :smiley:

@KitsuneGoto: Glad you like it

I burst out laughing when I read this part. :smile_cat:

~Whistles to pirates and flips the seabird~

~Pirate Captain whistles back and points to his vessel's skull'n'crossbones flag~



I think even people who don’t like pirates will like this game! It could be like water world done right or post-apocalyptic wind waker! If it goes full hosted game it will sell like zombie exodus! Sorry, was that too bold a comparison?