Closed Poll: Game choice

So since another Island survival game is being made, for the time being I will swap priorities. I have a few options as far as what you want me to make. All are somewhat started (some not as much as others), but none are really fleshed out yet.

Option 1 - Hazard’s Run
By far the one I’ve put the most time into, this focuses on a pair of police officers and their discovery of a bio-weapon research facility under a secluded farmhouse in the mountains of Georgia. Their paths will cross as you make way deeper into your own worst nightmare. During game play you will be able to unlock a couple other characters each with their own story lines as well. Influenced by Resident Evil and similar horror title, though more focused on the journey behind the terror (mostly because jump scares don’t work in a wall text)

Option 2 - Sidewinder
A game which I’ve put very little time into, but has plenty of potential, you play as a 1920’s archeologist exploring a previously thought to be non-existing tomb in the dunes of Egypt. Of course upon entering the tomb, you have awakened a curse and started a very dangerous game, but that’s when the fun starts, right?

Option 3 - Endless Waves
Probably in need of a better title, this is a game I haven’t really jumped into yet. If you’ve ever seen Waterworld, you probably agree it was a great concept which could have been executed better (I’m still a fan). Well this has sort of the same concept. A world of water, a dangerous group of pirates trying to kill you, and boat of your own. In need of a real plot and an original one at that to differentiate from the film, I predict this one not to be favored, but I thought I’d put it out there anyhow.

  • Hazard’s Run
  • Sidewinder
  • Endless Waves

About Hazard’s Run, would the whole story happen inside the facility?

I like the sound of them all, but Sidewinder appeals to me the most. Endless Waves was a close contender, though. Good luck with your works!

@ballmot, not all of it. The beginning will include some exploring the farmland, and the end some mountain woods filled with mutants. But the vast majority: yes. Of course, the whole story isn’t fleshed out so more changes are to come. (Plus some secret unlock-able stories may have more or less environment)

@Samuel_H_Young, yeah that one I feel like will be fun to write. Thanks for the luck, that’s something I never turn down.

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Honestly Hazard’s Run appeals to me just because I find bio-weapons a much more interesting topic than piracy or tombs.

I like the Hazard’s Run idea best since it is the most fleshed-out at this point.

However, I have to agree with your views on Waterworld - great concept, poorly executed (but I am also still a fan). If you have the motivation for that one, I’d be all sweaty-palms ready to try it out!

@TechDragon610, interesting is one quality I strive for in games

@dashingdon, even though Hazard’s Run is the most fleshed out, doesn’t mean it’s got a good amount of playable content yet, but I get your point

same here, I’m just trying to create an interesting playthrough that will be diverse enough to replay for each path.
Also, you HAVE to reference the lickers from Resident Evil, scariest bunnies ever

@Techdragon610, I don’t want to be on the wrong side of a Capcom lawsuit, but yes those are certainly the things of nightmares. Them and Nemesis. That dude nearly made me piss myself in my first playthrough.

I really like all of your ideas and that makes it even harder to decide, but I would go with the first one.
I really like Zombie games and the idea to make a Resident Evil inspired game in COG style could work really well.
In terms of gameplay do you plan to include riddles like the original Resident Evil had?

@Tartaro, some, but not as many as RE had for sure.

Personally I never really found the series truly scary, I was fighting the lake monster in 4 when I was like 7. To avoid a lawsuit, just make one of the monsters mutated from a rabbit. Doesn’t have to be a licker, it’ll still be a reference.

That’s great to hear nonetheless. They are great for the atmosphere :smiley:

Endless Waves sounds really fun and not at all like any currently existing CoG titles.

It kinda reminds me of Choice of Broadsides :sailboat:

The realities and tactics of gunpowder era adventure story is a lot different than post-apocalyptic survival with modern-ish technology such as engines… But I can kinda see what you mean.

They all sound really great, but I voted for Hazard’s Run because it’s the most fleshed-out.

Hazard’s Run sounds interesting. Though in all fairness, it’s more noticeable because it’s the most fleshed out thus far.
In Sidewinder, how much would you make the era impact the plot/setting? A game set in that era would be interesting. To me, at least.