Thinking about making a game


So, I’m thinking about making a game. Two, to be precise and if I do start one of these, it won’t be for a while.

One of them would be about the player character getting shipwrecked on an island, and would be about survival. As the game progresses you could make your shelter the greatest house ever or live under a tree. You could breed animals, and you can set your priorities, for instance do you want to stay near the water for a better chance of being seen, or do you want to find a safer spot, but with less chance of being seen. Also, I was thinking about adding a sane to insane star bar.

Now, the next one would be about the player character controlling the protagonist of the game, you could make his life suck and it would not affect your character in any way, you could help him find love or make him a serial killer. While, you’re character just goes through life.

Tell me what you think about both of them, and which one you would like to see. I can take constructive criticism. Thank you for reading this.


About the first is certain interesting, but tricky, no people not dialogue not charming options no romance. Could end in disaster.

The second sorry i don’t understand well what you trying to say you are your character or not? who could desire make miserable his characters?? Its like THE SIMS? i don’t know what say i love the game but for a Cog? you couldn’t offer the need freedom the variants could be insane.


The first one sounds really interesting. I don’t haven’t seen any shipwreck/survival games yet.

For the second one, what exactly do you mean your character controls the protagonist? Or perhaps a better question would be how.

Looking forward to them both! :slight_smile:


@MaraJade Well, not every story needs romance, or dialogue. But you could talk to yourself if your insanity stat gets high enough. The second one was just something I thought about today, it’s pretty stupid. @Dark_Bear2899


But… now I’m curios.


@Dark_Bear2899 I don’t really know how to explain it… You are your own separate character, and you control another person. So, you could do something that you were always afraid to do, through them… Get my meaning? I don’t even get my meaning.


I agree ravenclaw , but could be risky i don’t want end insane :)).Robinson crusoe is one of my favorite books, i probably choose hide from coast and forget about rest of world.

Raven oh i understand lol there are sci fi books and films about it.


The second idea could be the player assumes the role of the protagonists conscious and “guides” them through their life.

For example.

Tom stands beside the road, looking both ways he is sure he can 
cross before the approaching car can reach him...
  #Tell him to go.
    You whisper in the back of his mind to cross.
    *goto splat

  #Tell him to wait.
    You whisper in the back of his mind to wait.
    *goto safe


@Nocturnal_Stillness Yes! That’s what I meant, thank you for the example!

@MaraJade Robinson Crusoe is my inspiration for this.


is a common sci fi theme. Like avatar and more cyberpunk themes there was a Bruce Willis film when people was in cryostasis too don’t age and control bio robots with mind


But yes raven I love the concept. Especially how @Nocturnal_Stillness put it. Different paths. Love the thought of going insane. But mostly for the first one.


Ooooh I’ve never seen a game like your second one. It doesn’t sound stupid at all. It sounds really entertaining. In my opinion u should do both!


@Dark_Bear2899 I don’t think I really can do both, the one that I do decide to do will take months before it even begins.


Both seem interesting. They’d definitely entertain me.


i don’t know i believe both are great and original. Maybe i prefer the second because there could be dialogue and romance



You’re welcome!


I like both, romance is great and all, but I think it’d really improve my writing skills if I could write a whole novel, with little to no dialogue.


It could be a monologue, where the protagonist, alone and at the brink of insanity, talks to himself about their life since the shiwrecking. Maybe at some point, the monologue reaches that day events so it ends and, instead of reading what the protagonist is telling us, we live first hand the last chapters of their story.


First one sounds great


Didn’t i once came up with a shipwreck island survival thingy somewhere