Madness (WIP)

“Madness is not a state of mind, it’s a place. Let’s go there, shall we ?” - Alice Madness Returns.

You play as the MC, a recent unemployed college graduate who gets chosen by Madam Sanity to be one of her “tinkerers”. A tinkerer is a person hired, or rather chosen, to enter the mindscapes of crazy people, locate the source of their mental instability, and fix it. But all is not as it seems !

So after watching way too many psychological thrillers in one night, I came up with this concept and started working on it. So far, the writing is going smoothly and I’m almost done with the sixth chapter; however, as for as the coding goes…Let’s just say I’m hardly finished with the prologue. Anyway, I’m planing to release a beta in a short while (say, one or two weeks) that’s only going to include the prologue to hear what you guys think about it. When the beta is released, I’d really appreciate it if someone would help with coding the rest of the game because I doubt my ability to do it alone. Hahaha, also, someone to correct my mistakes would be largely appreciated since English is my third language and sometimes my Grammar resembles that of Rap songs.

So yeah, this game will include: full customization of the MC, various options each time you need to make a choice that directly affects either the path of the game, your relationships with the other characters or your stats. The option to romance 5 different characters, males and females both. And a non-repetitive storyline And many other things. Also I’m thinking of making a “achievement unlocked” thingy but since I’m struggling with the basic coding I think I’ll skip on it for now.

Anyway, I think that’s all. Thank you for reading. =] I’ll try to post the beta either next week or the week after it.

Until then !!

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Sounds good!

Sounds like a really good idea! I look forward to it :slight_smile: was the secret window one of the thrillers you watched? Hahaha

Add romance to it and I will play it!

@StarwarsMaster, you know, absolutely every other CoG game has romance, you’d think you’d be able to let one slide

@Doctor I like to think it is, Hahaha.

@AgentGuineapig Charles Xavier, is that you ? The secret window was actually one of the movies that inspired me to write this ! And the Beta should actually be here in a week since I just realized I’m making more progress than I thought.

@StarWarsMaster I’m a sucker for Romance so I just had to include the option to date someone in my own CYOA project. I do believe I’ve mentioned it in the post above. :slight_smile: Freedom of Sexual orientation is also included.

This sounds like an interesting idea :smiley: I wouldn’t mind helping you with the grammar

hahaha I wish I was Professor X, although I don’t want to lose my hair…
Great! I really want to play this game because it’s got such an interesting story to it. Can we expect a few plot twists? :wink:

@StarWarsMaster I hear Choice of Romance has a bit of romance in it but I’m not too sure… :smiley:

@MonaMae Alrightie then, thank you in advance for your help.

@AgentGuineapig There are actually A LOT of plot twists, although they’re all reasonable. Most plot twists aren’t out of the blue, but they’re quite unexpected. :slight_smile:

What gets better than madness. Oh the joy, you’ve come to deliver the undeliverable dear @FaithfulPuppet forward to creation, I look forward to it ^_^.

This looks like a really interesting concept! I’m willing to help you with grammar if you need any :slight_smile:

@Arcania I’m glad you’re as excited about this as I am! I’m having so much fun writing this because it’s such an extraordinary concept. And thank you for the kind words ^^

@Nyaatalie I hope it lives up to your expectations! And your help would be much appreciated, thank you.

sounds like an interesting game

Wait English is your third language? You know better English than some of the naitives here in London let me tell you that!

Anyways, this concept seems really cool although I have one question - Why the MC, surely Ms.S has better options than an unemployed college student with utterly no experience of the world?

@Azraeldrake9 Hopefully it will be, and nice username !

@trollhunterthethird Why thank you ! There’s actually an explanation for that, it’s explained in the prologue and I don’t want to give it all away. huehuehue. Excuse my evil laugh, I cannot help it at times. xD

Oh this sounds like a blast! Dunno why, but I’m kinda thinking about Inception!

Of course faithful ^_^.

Darnit, now I have to wait! :frowning:

@faithfulpuppet thanks, yours is nice aswell