Interest Check: The Alice Game


Hi people!!! (>_<) I’m a lurker of this forum that is finally taking off her coat! haha. Anyway, I enjoy reading stories and I enjoy writing…so I decided to make a Choiceof game. I was wondering if any of you are interested in my idea or would like to give me any suggestions or ideas.


In a diary, it said that: There is a connection between the real world and Wonderland. And to the people of Wonderland (Name change pending), Alice Liddell was deity because she came from the Highlands (Name change pending too) and her very existence shook the very foundations of Wonderland. Due to circumstances, Alice left Wonderland. But she vowed to return. She appointed The Red/White Queen/Mad Hatter (idk yet) to look after Wonderland and its citizens.

But Alice Liddell never returned and the door connecting the two worlds remained open. The People of Wonderland wait for “Alice”.
Those who enter Wonderland from the Real World are given the title “Alice”.

You are the 7th Alice. (Yes, 7th. Not 6th. Not 1st, not 2nd. The 7th.) You awoke in wonderland, but you do not have any memory of who you are and how you got there. Your main goal is to find out who you are, what happened to the other "Alice"s and how to get out of wonderland.

And in order to leave, THERE MUST ONLY BE ONE ALICE.

You can choose to be a Female or Male. Being a certain gender may slightly change the story. As the story progresses, you are required to make certain decisions that will ultimately affect the ending of the game. You must manage your stats properly and use your strengths and weakness accordingly. You will meet several characters in the story that will accompany you in your journey. But be warned, some may deceive you or even kill you.

There is One True Ending and 8 or so endings depending if you stay or leave. And of course there is a bad ending.

Comments? Suggestions? Advice?


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Sounds interesting. If I play as a guy, does that mean the original Alice will have been a guy, or would the player character be the first?


Sounds like my kind of game. Can’t wait for demo! :smiley:


Intriguing premise! I’ll look forward to seeing where you go with it.


This sounds interesting :slight_smile: … but the plot reminds me very much of The manga Are You Alice?
Where thoose that end up in wonderland becomes alice. The character of The manga Who is a boy
\man ends up being the 69 or 70, Alice in wonderland. If I remember corectly…and there is also guns involved xD

Also the main boy doesnt have any memories or knows his real name.

Heres a link to the manga:


Sounds really interesting and promising. :blush:
Can’t wait for the demo! :smile:


Alice in Wonderland was written by a mathematician who thought that the new algebraical theories of his time made no sense. So he made up a world in which those theories were natural laws - a world that made no sense. That’s Wonderland.

So a few things occur to me:

  1. The way you have Alice set up as a deity is exactly the opposite of how most of Wonderland’s inhabitants actually treat her. Alice is snubbed, insulted, and belittled throughout Alice in Wonderland. Wonderland makes perfect sense to the characters who live there, and they think she is stupid for not being able to understand it.

  2. An unpredictable world can be frustrating for a Choice game, because the whole point is to be able to influence the outcome. In a world where a baby can suddenly become a pig for no reason at all (and ravens are like writing desks, but no one knows why), the MC can’t really make influential choices. You might either wind up with a frustrating game, or a setting which has little to do with Wonderland at all.

  3. Your story doesn’t have to be set in Wonderland. You might get a better story if you created your own dream world, with your own backstory, and that’s kind of what you’re doing anyway. You can name your characters after Carroll’s characters, but if your “Mad Hatter” is nothing like his Mad Hatter, you won’t be fooling anyone. (See, for example, a certain movie that starred a Mad Hatter, which did not fool anyone.) Every child has imaginary friends and visits imaginary worlds. Readers will respond to that.

  4. If you set your story in Wonderland, you can go ahead and call it Wonderland. Carroll’s works are public domain.

I’m not saying don’t write the story. I’m just saying there might be some issues to work with as you write it.


The queen of England actually liked Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass so much she asked him to send her his next book. Just so happened his next book was about mathematics. Through the Looking Glass is also the first mention in writing of an Einstein-Rosen Bridge, aka a worm hole. The looking glass in the novel represents Carrell’s idea of a worm hole.


Still, it’s a neat idea for a game if you can rap your brain around Carroll’s crazy writing style.

And, as in uffish thought he stood,
The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame,
Came whiffling through the tulgey wood,
And burbled as it came!

Check out American Mcgee’s Alice if you need inspiration.


@ArcanaCero It is loosely based off Alice in Wonderland. And yes, most of the characters and people will call the player “Alice”. I’ve worked on VNs before. The story was originally suppose to be made into a VN but then I chose not to do so. Hahaha. :smile:

@Shawnheatherly If you play as a guy, you won’t be the first “Alice” to be a guy. There have been a few male "Alice"s before you. I shall put up more information on the world and its inhabitants later.

@GloriaRose Oh! I’ve heard of this manga before, but I never checked it out. I shall look into this. Thank you for telling me!

@BabbleYaggle Hi! thank you for telling me this! :slight_smile: Same with what I responded above, The story is loosely based of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. But I see your point. My story is slightly different as well but I’ll update you guys on the plot and characters and hopefully get a demo out so you guys can read it. :slight_smile: I love writing, that’s why I wanted to do an interest check on my idea before I dash through the entire thing. It’s hard to write on something that some would not find interesting. (>_<)

@kitkat, @cvaneseltine, @SwanMaiden Thank you! I shall try to get the demo up and running.

@Zach_Ellinger Haha thank you for the support! Carroll’s writing style is crazy! The American Mcgee’s Alice…that’s the one with the game isn’t it?


@TheOtherAlice no problem! Good luck with the game/demo by the Way :slight_smile: i just love anything Alice and wonderland related xD


Yeah, it’s a really dark version of Alice in Wanderland, but the visuals really pop. Conceptually it is really neat. It basically goes from the originals acid trip style to a bad acid trip.


There’s a game-writing contest on this month if you want to write a few scenes - the theme is “Down the Rabbit Hole”. @GloriaRose might enjoy reading the entries, too! The time limit is 10-20 minutes per play-through.

I already checked - YES you can send your finished game to Choice of Games when the contest is done.


Oh?! I shall check it out! Thank you for telling me! Though it might be hard for me to do something for a competition cause I have work. haha. I shall see though! >_< Thank you again!


@Felicity_Banks omg im so laaaaate sry xD and thank you :wink:


There are already several games up at

Mine is there :slight_smile: It’s Choicescript, “Down the Wombat Hole”.

All the games are free and around 10-20 minutes (in theory…)

Have fun!


i really like the idea of this game, wonder if it’s like a happy kind of wonderland like the movie or a darker version of it like in Alice madness returns


Everyone wrote independently, so… both. Mine was an adventure in a medieval-ish world, “Drunk Girl Ruins Her Life” was very funny, and Ben Crispin wrote a piece about the dark horrors of everyday existence. I’d recommend all three, but you wouldn’t know they were from the same jam.