Wonderland; An Idea for a Game


So I have this idea for a story that would be heavily inspired by fairy tales and children’s stories, mainly Alice in Wonderland.

So basically you find yourself transfered into a twisted version of Wonderland, which is the capital city of a country in the middle of a revolution by Snow White, A.K.A. the White Queen, against the Red Queen and her army.

You, as the MC, will determine the outcome of the revolution by choosing a side to support and helping to lead them to victory.

As I said, it will be heavily inspired by Alice in Wonderland, but will feature characters from other stories as well…some of them not being quite what you would expect.

Examples of characters:

Snow White, also known as the White Queen. Step daughter of the Red Queen. Her father, the king, was poisoned by the Red Queen, and Snow began the rebellion in order to expose the queen’s crime and overthrow her.

Robin Hood, who was a Huntsman ( sort of like a bounty hunter) hired to kill Snow, but instead joined her and her revolution.

Mad Hatter, my personal favorite, will be a crazy hermit who always seems to be involved in everything somehow, however has yet to support a side in the war.

Red Riding Hood. She’s the daughter of the Red Queen and the half sister of Snow White. She’ll be supporting the Red side, of course.

Belle, the Red Queen. She was traded to the former king in order to maintain peace between the kingdoms, and Belle became the King’s wife. However, she poisoned the former king in order to end his tyrranical rule, and afterwards took control of the kingdom.

I’d love to see how this idea sounds to you guys, and if I should get serious and actually make this an actual CoG story.


Hello @SiROSTRiKE,
This sounds pretty cool - the wonderland idea has always had such a fantastic range of possibility - it really is an amazing place to start.

May I ask which books, films and other in particular have inspired you to pick up your pen? It may help to imagine the setting if we know whose work is already banging around in your head :grin:


I’d like to see more of the story, like why the MC is there or why they should bother getting involved in some other country’s political squabbles (unless the MC turns out to be a citizen, THAT’D be interesting!) but from what you’ve just described I’m curious with how this story would play out.
I’m always up for more stories pulling from classics, and Wonderland has plenty of nonsensical fun and clever characters to make something great.
Just, please, for my sake, don’t make it all gothy-edgy-on-purpose kind of retelling? Nothing wrong with those games, and it’s fine if that’s the angle you wanna go with, but so many books and games and movies have been going that direction that it’s kinda taken a lotta the fun out of it.
But I really wanna hear more about your story, if that’s ok! This could be a really fun game to play!


Personally Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland is one of my favourite books of all time (if my profile pic is anything to go by lol) so I’d love to have a sort of AU version. Another thing is that the themes remind me a lot of Bill Willingham’s Fables comic book series which is also amazing lol. I’ll be looking forward to this :smiley:


I really got the idea when I listened to a song I came across on the What are you watching thread, a song called Mad Hatter, and I didn’t have anything better to do, so I started letting my imagination run wild.

I suppose I might have gotten some inspiration from Once Upon a Time, as I love the idea of having stories intertwine with eachother.

I plan on having a kind of serious story, yet having happier aspects as well, like the Caterpillar. He’d pretty much remain just like his character in the original story: A big caterpillar who just wants to know who you are and why you’re here.

Also, as to why the MC is there, basically you were transported there by touching a magic rabbit on a visit to the park, and afterwards you just sort of happened to get caught up in the whole rebellion issue.

Isn’t Fables what The Wolf Among Us is based on? I haven’t played it yet, but it looks good, and I recently got it for free with Xbox gold.


Melanie Martinez? if so I’m listening to it now. :yum:


Indeed it was.
I’ve been unable to get it out of my head for a couple weeks now.


Yeah it is. (Without going off topic TWAU had a really interesting story xD)


@SiROSTRiKE This is an awesome idea and I strongly encourage you to make it an actual game. :smile: :thumbsup:


I bloody love it. Alice in Wonderland is one of my favourites stories ever so this would really blow my mind.


This sounds like an awesome idea. If you actually decide to make this a game that would be amazing. Also how does it sound if you could pick like a mentor or something depending on what side you choose, like if you choose the hatter you could be insane and have random moments when you snap? Just a suggestion though so if you choose to do it or not I’ll still think it’d be amazing.


This sounds like a really solid idea. One that could turn into an amazing story. DO THIS.


This looks promising.

But in response to what River said, maybe you can make it so that the MC is an aspiring hero whose story has not yet been told.

Or maybe that the MC is a descendant of Alice, a grandson/granddaughter’?

The name/title ‘Alice’ has become synonymous with the ‘Chosen One.’

Since everyone has magic or some sort of skills,maybe ‘the Alice’ can use technology to defeat his/her enemies instead. But other will refer to it as ‘Alice Magic.’

GPS maybe works in the Wonderland. And since Alice has a smartphone, he/she has an advantage when leading an army because he/she can easily view the terrain. Instant map!

Or if/she’s venturing in a dark place, a cave maybe? He/she can use a torch/flashlight, and other characters will refer to it as. ‘Lightbringer!’

Maybe the MC has brought an electric scooter/hoverboard? He/she first uses it to escape from the knights sent by the Queen. Later on, he/she can modify it to be faster. Maybe one plot can involve him/her jousting in it instead of riding a horse.

Lots of possibilities, mate!


I have to say this totally sounds awesome and I loveee the idea and thought behind it I’d pay to read it for sure.


GPS should NOT work in Wonderland; that would be denying the very nature of the place (recall that you generally have to walk in the opposite direction to get anywhere). It would also imply that Wonderland was part of our world, instead of being a fairyland type place.

I think it would make sense to at least reference other similar ‘fairyland’ stories (e.g. Peter Pan, Narnia, Child Roland, and so on).

Good luck with the game!


I think it depends on your interpretation of the Alice in Wonderland story/Through the Looking Glass. There are a lot of people saying that Lewis Carroll was a crazy person, and that he wrote Alice in Wonderland in his descent to madness.

If you go by that, Wonderland could all just be in your head. There’s actually a videogame of the same name that uses that plot. That Alice is a crazy person.


Bottom line, GPS is plausible depending on your interpretation of Wonderland.


Yeah, but if you’re going insane, the GPS could be telling you that you’re inside an apple pie just as easily as it could be actually helpful.

Of course, given that you are in Wonderland, the chances of you being in an apple pie are non-zero, so it could be both.


Seems like a good idea.


I’m going to guess the Cheshire Cat’s going to be in it, and as the wild card?


Unfortunately, I don’t think Narnia is public domain.

I thought that Disney owned Peter Pan, but I just looked it up and saw that they don’t. So maybe I can add him in like I originally wanted to. But I’ve never heard of Child Roland before. What is it?

Also, to answer some questions people may have:

  • The MC is in our world in the beginning, but is transported to Wonderland by Magic.

  • Wonderland in this story would be a city, sort of like Metropolis mixed with Gotham.
    It will look pretty and happy in places, but will be dark and mean in others.

  • There will be magic, yes. But there will also be technology,like how Li’l Red will have a motorcycle. So yes, a GPS could be in wonderland, but really it would work just like a normal GPS. A GPS from our world in wonderland, though? Not so much.

  • Yes, i plan to include the Cheshire Cat in the story. Not sure how yet, but I know I want him in there. You can’t have Wonderland without him.

I’m glad you guys like the idea so much. I wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested as their are so many retellings of these classic stories already.