Which Ideas Do You Like? (Fairy Tales)


Hello! I have a problem that many authors seem to have. It’s not a lack of ideas - I have countless of those - but, it’s the conviction to actually stick to one idea and develop it. I have a whole notebook of plots that I have outlined in depth, multiple “almost-demos”, and numerous “temporarily” shelved projects, but always lose motivation to continue. I am going forward with this newest plan to stick to a shorter story, and one based off an already established tale, to perhaps finish something. I’m hoping that this will be a great practice for my “real” game(s), and am going to force myself to see it through.

These/this (I might end up doing more than one) are going to be character focused games, set up a tad like a visual novel. Not that it will be solely romanced focused, as the plot is just as important and romance will be optional, just that there will be different paths and characters play a major part to the game. I haven’t found many games that really revolve around relationships (not just romantic) as much as I would like - so I’m making one!

Again, I have too many concepts. This is my narrowed down list (and they all have complete outlines to boot). I would be most obliged to hear your feedback/thoughts on any and all as well as your favorite of the bunch!

  1. Snow White - “Snow White & the Seven Crown Princes of Hell” (Honestly, this started when the title just popped into my head and I had great fun trying to think of a plot to fit.) (Also, Disclaimer: While they do have religious origins, I in no way intend for this to be a commentary/portrayal of an religion!) The village you grew up in was notorious for producing skilled ‘exorcists.’ From a young age you have gone to the academy* and have been apart of an elite team that eradicates beings from the otherworld.* One day, however, you are betrayed by redacted for spoilers and find yourself on the brink of death. That would be the end of your story - if you hadn’t been (accidentally) summoned, in perhaps the greatest moment of ‘perfect timing’, by a prince of the otherworld in his own training. From there you are forced to live among the princes of hell, as well as attend their school as a spectacle, while your body remains dying on the surface and your betrayer has set a plan into motion.
    *names come laterrr. I suck at them.

  2. Swan Lake - “The Swan of the Lake” Sirens are terribly cruel creatures, that much is true. They live to bring others to their watery demise and are beings that lack compassion. In this story you are a siren. Or, more aptly, you are the siren of Swan Lake. That is until a powerful young magician, Rothbart, bounds you to a human form. The prince/ss has gone missing and a reward has been issued for their safe return. Rothbart, being ever the opportunist, needs a magic being (you) to use in their staid, under a magical guise to take their appearance. You will not be returned to your form until he receives his payment, and you have to cope as you deal with these human things called “feelings.”

  3. Peter Pan - "The Prince of Oregon" When you were sent off Chester, Oregon for the summer - a time that was supposed to be allocated to working at your aunt’s inn - you would have never expected to meet Peter, the self-proclaimed ‘Prince of Oregon;’ or to be thrown into a world where pirates, mermaids, and dancing wallpaper reside. (This game is extremely character focused and deals with the other workers of the inn and their hardships, as well as the mystery and adventure with “The Lost Boys/Girls”)

  4. Sleeping Beauty - “The Lying Lich” Waking up in your kingdom to find that it has been cursed and barren can be considered remarkably startling, to say the least. To have no memory of how you got to that point is perhaps even more so. Finding out that you have died, only to be resurrected as a lynch and able to see the Spirit Plane, as well as having a group of “Adventurers” controlling your last phylactery might just be the breaking point.

Honorable mentions that didn’t make the cut (but I might do in the future. Like I said, sooo many ideas!):

  • The Little Leviathan (Based on the Little Mermaid)
  • The Names of the Imp (Rumpelstiltskin)
  • The Cursed Emperor/ess (Beauty and the Beast)

That’s it! I will note that my future “real,” for a lack of a better word, games won’t be as “cheesy.” Though I will say these are a bit more serious/dark than the descriptions let on. I suck at descriptions.

Thank you!

Which WIP would you bring back from the dead?

My first interest is:

I’d love to see both of these developed.


Fairy Tales are my favourite!

Which of the ideas do you like the best? That’s what matters. Which do you think will be shortest and easiest to write?

Peter Pan’s my least favourite though, since he’s not actually a fairy tale. :stuck_out_tongue:



:dolphin: :racehorse: <- second is for grumpies that don’t like :dolphin:


@Zolataya - Thank you for you response! <3 I really hope I make more than one a reality!

@FairyGodfeather - Haha, that’s very true. I admittedly do have a fascination with the original story, so I had to slip it in there! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And I can’t decide. Honestly, I have bouts where I have more inspiration for one and at other times another, so I finally decided to ask for feedback. Indecisive should be my name.


From your post I like Swan Lake best, but what if our magical being decides he would rather like to remain the prince, even after our magician friend gets paid?

If the Snow White protagonist can be male, I find that concept intriguing too.

Like @FairyGodfeather I’m not all that fond of Peter Pan.


Its a curse that writers experience. Most of us go from one extreme (called writer’s block) to the other. Heck, an idea spawned from a post not 5 minutes before - and i didn’t even mean to come up with it. ><


Definitely can’t decide between Swan Lake and Snow White. I feel like I have an obligation to choose Swan Lake because when I was little I loved that series to death but come on, living with seven princes of hell, how can I turn that down?

Yea those are the absolute worst, when that happens I feel like I have an obligation to pursue it or to at least write it down in detail for later.


On the other hand in Swan Lake you potentially have the option to live like (and perhaps even become) a prince yourself.
But I agree that both are highly intriguing concepts.


@idonotlikeusernames - Hmmm, I wonder? :wink: :wink: :wink: That will definitely be a question touched upon in the game! (And I wish I could elaborate more, but there is a massive spoiler for the plot I can’t give away that makes that question so much better.) Also, yes, the protagonist can be male. I just really wanted to have a play on the seven dwarfs element in the title.

@Zolataya - Haha, it’s good to know I’m not alone! (Or perhaps not…How many more games we could be playing! :cold_sweat:) Kidding aside, I am happy there are other who understand the frustrations and get ideas from practically …everything. >>

@ToxicDreams - Ay, there’s the rub! Thank you so much for responding and the fact that you are having a hard time between the two makes me very happy. (Not in the dilemma, just that you guys are actually interested! Huzzah!) Decisions, decisions.

I feel like we should start a club of frustrated authors with too many ideas. But, I guess that would just be called “writers.” :smile:


I’m voting for “Snow White & the Seven Crown Princes of Hell”, because the name is sooo awesome :imp: :smiling_imp:


I think they’re all wonderful ideas, but my personal favourite is the swan lake one. Because I have a thing about sirens. I also like the sleeping beauty one though! But in the end whichever one wins out, I’ll be interested in it.


@WulfyK - Why that is as sound as reasoning as any! :laughing: Haha, thank you for your response! (Along with the name, I like playing the aspect of a “demon” summoning a human. Shakin’ it up.)

@exordice - Why thank you! And thank you for your feedback. :smile: Sirens are one of my favorite mythical creatures as well - funnily enough, one of my shelved games was a different take on sirens. I hope whatever one does get written will meet any expectations!

It seems that Snow White and Swan Lake are the front-runners so far. :sunglasses:

(Also, I have a penchant for emotes. They’re :ok_hand: :raised_hands: )


2 and 3 are my favorites


I suppose the Snow White and the Seven Princes of Hell would be the most interesting to go through. Even if I had to listen to bratty, entitled royals…

Could the MC tell what condition that their body is in? Why exactly is there a school in Hell?

The next one I would choose is the Prince of Oregon- simply because I would love to interact with eccentric personalities. It’d be a hoot!


Like ‘Swan Lake’, the feelings at the end makes me step back though, but the cruelty I like.

Love ‘Sleeping Beauty’, about the “no memory” part, does the character have no idea of the who, what, when, where of their identity or just that they have no recollection of how their kingdom came to be in its current state but with autobiographical information intact. Also, am bubbling at the thought of… uhh… possibly, playing… with ah… a band of ‘Adventurers’. Yes.

Hmm, the word ‘Phylactery’ seems familiar, something a game…


Most likely from Bioware’s Dragon Age series.


Yess, I nooo.

Omg, I feel like my phone’s screen is shouting ‘must be 20 characters’ at me.


To be honest I think it’s all about the writing of the author.
But personally I would love to see a little red riding hood version where the wolf is a outcasted humans boy/girl leader of a gang of teenagers, and riding hood is a girl/boy who loves wearing their red hoodie. I think this idea is ok but I can never really figure out how to actually write it, God knows how many drafts I’ve written :anger: :grimacing: but hey I tried…
P.S watch into the woods you can get loads of fairy tale ideas from there, may warn you it’s a musical.


I too favor the two frontrunners, Snow White and Swan Lake

Is it bad that when I read the synopsis of your Snow White, the word “harem” keeps popping up? :smile:

Swan Lake too has the potential for some angsty, delicious drama. :yum: