I’m a bisexual, Christian mum of two (age 4 and 6). She/her

I love writing and reading young adult fantasy and steampunk. My Hosted Games are “Attack of the Clockwork Army” (very much linked to my steampunk fantasy trilogy of novels) and “Scarlet Sails” and I was also lucky enough to be involved in two collaborations: “Starship Adventures” (humour/scifi) and “Lost in the Pages” (linked stories of many genres). Probably my best-known work is part of Tin Man Games’s “Choices That Matter” serial story app (I co-wrote “And The Sun Went Out”, wrote “And Their Souls Were Eaten”—steampunk fantasy again—and I’m editing “And Their Heroes Were Lost”).

I’m also head writer and curator of the art-filled “Murder in the Mail” and “Magic in the Mail” feelie stories.

My web site (including the store) is at FelicityBanks.wordpress.com

My profile pic was taken by Cat Sparks.