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Hi, since I couldn’t edit the last post, so I had to create a new post.

Well, I don’t think it’s a good game. I did the game when I was still a month behind my exam so you get the gist. I wasn’t alright at all.

Okay. This is the link:

Still under construction though. :smiley:


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you should have ask a moderator to edit your other topic, anyway, good writing and interesting, keep up with this :slight_smile: , and let us choose our own name xD

I like the idea but I felt the story lacked proper flow…we go from being a newbon to a toddler to 12 years of age in a few pages, I would consider putting the transition of our age on a separate page.
I was also kind of bummed that we couldn’t pick our own names :C

You don’t pick your name in Guenevere and you like that

The game itself isn’t bad at all. It’s not the best game I’ve seen but that’s comparing it to the best CoG. Now one huge problem you have is spelling and grammar. Please, for the love of all things good, get an editor. and one more thing, try to develop the character a little more. If you’re going for something like Choice of a Wizard, than you’re fine, but if you want something with more of a story, you need much more development.

??? I am confused on what you are trying to say…

@anon4518890 Still under construction. Maybe someday :smiley: well. there is actually a reason behind why you cannot put your own name. But thank you. I should edit it again.

@RyseAbove hahaha yeah, I could see that. When I edited it, I wasn’t right in my mind so that’s what happened. Thanks for the review. I will edit it again :smiley:

@Sampl15 Thanks for the review. It has been like 3 month without writing an essay and ta-da, you get the effect. I didn’t think about those things since that game is just for fun like ta-da! But thank you for your constructive review, again :smiley: (Maybe I should drag my friends to be my editor mmhh)

@theyarnghost Still under construction. The first time I wrote that and coding it, I wasn’t good. But I will change it to make it simple :smiley:


Well I like it. It show promises. But as @RyseAbove said the transitions between the different phases felt a bit raw.
But I don’t care I’ll be a Leather Rebel !
I discovered this WIP just now, I don’t know if I understood right, the universe is in some kind of medieval world but with modern things like leather jackets and schools, is that right ?


Oh, about that. I want it to be mixed between two world. Actually, the world is far in futuristic years, but still, the uses of magic, demons and ancient books are dominant. :smiley:

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