Avalon: Tides of War (WIP 3/6/2016 update)


Hello! TeslaV2 here. So I have finally decided to give my hand a try at actually making a game instead of just lurking around and playing them all.

Brief Background:
Avalon is a country on the planet of Eden. This is where I intend most of the game to take place. This is steampunk or a neo-steampunk type world. Every country has differing levels of tech, but Avalon by far has the most advancements. All in all, I have not gotten far enough along to need more background. Though I do have many things like places and people outlined

You start out in the same place no matter what you background, but the reasons why you are there will differ very much based on the background.

What’s is to come (hopefully):
1.Finishing background childhoods
At least 3 countries to choose from, and 4 cities each.
1a. Parents, jobs and how you fall into place for these jobs.
3.Why you are in the Tavern.
4. The start of the story.

Once this is done I will make another list of the next 4 things.

Playtest:(updated 3/6/2016)

2/25/16: (minor)
What I was able to do was address most of the issues at the beginning before childhood. Added a few hidden stats for later on. And flushed out more of the backgrounds. Hopefully, this will give you more of an idea of the world.

Honestly, I am not the best writer and will have to rewrite a few times. But the general idea is there for now.

What I am hoping for, is small ideas for the type of backgrounds that would be interesting, spelling mistakes, questions that need answers, and anything else you feel like telling me. I am really open to a lot and telling me will not be a bad thing. However if it does not make sense in my world I will let you know why, and if you come up with a workaround I’ll see if I can work it in.

In this world just about anything is possible so PLEASE let me know your thoughts and ideas:slightly_smiling:

3/6/2016 Update
1.So I managed to fix the 404 error.
2.I also added a bunch of scenes going forward with backgrounds. I did not fix all of the stats to match the childhood stuff.
3.The amount of background that I initially wanted is quite a workload. SO: I was thinking of just sticking to a few options, and taking the entire story in the military route. Then, if people seem to enjoy the universe and playing the game when it is finished I will expand with other options in other games. There are a couple of upsides to this: I can focus on writing more and less on the coding making the read much more enjoyable and I can bring multiple user characters together from multiple games for a final larger game. (yes this is quite ambitious but it sounds like fun)
What are your thoughts on this?


I have not read your story yet and do not have time tonight but I would say that it seems like you are making many many options. Now if you think you can go ahead and do it by all means… But don’t burn yourself out on your first game.
Also not that I do this myself but the general belief around here is you should have everything planned before you even start writing. Like the main events the characters and their personalities.
Finally I like what you did with the todo list thing. I think I will start doing that as well.


I’m getting a 404-error every time I try to advance the story. I chose to sit in the corner, then the second option when it says the captain is talking to me…

Are you gender-locking the story? If not, you need to make a {mc_heshe} list of equal settings so that it will put the correct gender into your text when called for.

Your writing style is fun and just fine. You’ll need to do a re-write or two and/or get a copy-editor … but there are lots of us out there (me included) that don’t get the grammar etc right the first time.


Once I have read the page about the story of the assassin etc when I click next it briefly shows the next page before turning to a 404 network error no matter how many time I refresh this problem persists.


Couple of issues, 1. I reading a book 2. 404 error every time I get passed the kid and the story


Thank you everyone who has thus far given input. I forgot to save a few lines of code so that is where most of the issues are coming up. I am hoping to have that fixed soon.

Other note: Should childhood come before everything else?

Thanks again!


fliring should be flirting…


Yea I keep getting a 404 still when the old man starts telling the story aswell.


I have been tweaking it over the past few days. I am sure I did not get everything, but I will be updating the link in the next few days.

On a side note, if anyone is interested in helping me with some writing things send me a message and I can give you more detail there.


So the new update is not massive but I hope it is enough to kinda understand the world a bit more, and a general idea of the type of characters you could be. The next update will likely result in a bit of tweaking in the plot, though. :slight_smile: