Chronicles Of Avalanta


Hi there, well, as the story goes, I am working with a new game. Actually I am in the middle of it.

But I cannot finish the game until my exam finally over. :sweat_smile:

Before this, I saw a post about a royal became a slave due to their country being invaded but the author stopped doing it maybe. So I am trying to make a game that sounds a little bit like that but different altogether.

This game is not in medieval era. Pshht, I am not informative in that sense. So, this game will be in the future. Don’t ask me which future because I am dealing with it right now.

This is the synopsis and the stats.(but please, if you guys have any idea, you can tell me)

Welcome to Avalanta!

The future lies here. Avalanta,the city that features hundred of mysteries, under the lead of the royal family, the truth is shrouded.

You will play as a prince that lost it all to Horan’s force. Your life is at stake as you diced your own fates. Nobody can teach you else unless you are the one who change your owns.

Prepares for deceits, intrigues, wars and maybe rooomaance?

Your death starts here.

And this is the stats

opposed_pair Leadership
opposed_pair Strength
opposed_pair Charm
opposed_pair Intelligence
opposed_pair Sarcastic
percent Magic
percent Arts

*Yes and yes, you will play as a prince because… you will need to ascend the throne… And I love prince hahaha so yes, you will be a prince.

Chronicles Of Avalanta Demo

Sounds interesting looking forward to see how this will play


You can’t play as a princess by any chance? You know, a princess royal by lack of male heirs or other suitable candidates. It happens from time to time. (Like the queens Elizabeth (the first and the second))


Mmmhh I will think about it… because my storyline is like diverge already… maybe I could make another storyline for the female xD …
And that I have to wait until the end of november mmhhh


I don’t really think you should make strength and weakness and charm and repulsion an opposed pair, unless there are benefits to being weak or repulsive.


Intelligence and neutral are opposites? Do you have some thing against Sweden?


Actually there is a consequence if you are too weak… I think the strength is more likely to make you strong in direct combat… still thinking about that actually.


No… Nothing against Sweden… I am just don’t want to use dumb, that’s all… Maybe I should just do smart but I want the MC to have knowledge, like really knowledge. Maybe I should use smart mmmhhh


If you need to have opposed pairs why not oppose positive attributes?
Strength vs Intelligence.

Otherwise why not make strength and intelligence single stats that increase as they play? Making a choice that reduced your strength would seem like a waste otherwise and I would just pick options I knew would increase these statistics each time


Well I’m interested hopefully you do good on your tests cause I can’t wait to get a taste of this


That sounds wise, I will separate it… x) thank you