DC Raven's Loft

It is a tragic tale of Lady Raven, her family forced her into a loveless union, her heart belong to another.

Can you unravel the story, can you escape the keep fromed from the darkness of a heart.

I do not have a working demo yet as the project is very large. The Ghost in the Library has been put on hold as a lot of what I am doing here will help me improve the ghost game.

Once I have a lot of the game system working I will start posting here.

The game is nice; note that you’ve posted the demo in the thread you made about art. Amazing stuff there, like for example how you displayed the stats. Good luck on finishing it!

Thanks @AlexCosarca.

There appears I may have a problem with the name so will be changing it slightly but while in development will just call it Raven.

Edit working on the opening page, then moving on to player setup. I think once I reach this piont there will be enough to display again for more feedback.

Since I had to change the name a little have to redo the opening page. Lol should have check to start as I put in 12 hrs of work, live and learn. Hopefully will have the opening page completed by the end of the week then finish the player setup, directions and the first room. For now I will place place holders for all the differant pics. I have a small list of monster so far, hoping to add over 200 in the end. While I have a system finaly built for the battle scenes, have yet to start coding it. Have the map drawn out and once I have all the bigger problems ironed will begin testing. For now the game is called Raven’s Lair.

juast tell me when the link is up, and Ill play it. Ill also do anything for a dollar!

Lol good to know @Antutorpiliko

I have the final look for the design, but massive coding going on. I will put in dropbox Sunday, but not playable at this time.

I plan on posting regular updates to the code weekly. Even still between the hugh amount of code I am having to write, doing the art work, working on some hidden things that I will not mention, just in case it does not work well in CoG. I only have about 2% of the mapping done and only an outline of the story.

I was wondering to help time wise with the project if I gave the outline of the story to another writer to complete. If someone was intrested, I would be willing to give over the story as long as it met only a few pionts. PM me if you might be intrested. Also artwork would be welcome as my skill is not so great that it takes a long time to complete one image.

I can’t help with either of them, as I’m not good at art myself and neither at writing stories (that’s why I opted for making games that don’t need overwhelmingly-well-made storylines).

By the way…why don’t you post the link here? Even though it’s not much to see, showing just the framework of it so far (i.e. the dfference between your game and a typical CoG game) would be something people would proabably want to see and comment on.

I was going to upload it Sunday but even then it will have some major bugs. So here it is

*edit shows how in need of sleep I am wrong link. Dropbox is still uploading will post a link when its ready

I am currently working on the player setup. The help file and credits will change a lot.

Feedback on the design is welcome, remember most of what is there will be changed except for the index display. I mostly threw things in to see what I could get to work. The design will stand for the most part but the game its self will change a lot.

Edit dropbox is not displaying the final look and its late so for now going to bed will try to fix Sunday.

The design is great, except I got a lot of nonexistent variables when exploring the various screens. Of course, this could just be because the game’s not fully developed yet, and I get that. The other problem I have is that any time I visit the stats/journal/room screen there is no way to go back to the story. At least, I didn’t see a back button. However, I feel like there is a very complex system behind this thing, and it really seems to be testing CS power. I salute you for that.

line 114:non-existent variable ‘bow’

Yes it is going to have a lot problems until it is more developed. Dropbox seems to be struggling with it as well so will more then likely I will have to move it up to my server on Sunday if I cannot get it to take.

Ok I got DB to take but most of the mods are not working so going to upload to my server. If this failes then it is to bed and a fresh start lol.

After slapping my computer around some it finaly gave me what I wanted.


*edit i please do not send error reports as I forgot to change the email, will fix on my next update. Also I should have most of the player setup completed by then. Well you all have a good night.

*edit one final thought, humans and gnomes or the only two races that work enough to get you to the stat screen.

People need to stop naming things after me… I mean, I KNOW I’m awesome, but come on guys :stuck_out_tongue:

(jk of course)

yes being named after a buggy game makes you so epic :slight_smile:

come across a lot of errors unknown just saids url is to big that is all we know
for google chrome for selecting elf
on human when selecting stats the wisdom does not set right saids i do not have enough points even though it shows my wisom at 8

and clicking i screwed up on my stats selection just crashes the game

Error: ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: globalScene
Scene: custom
File: undefined
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 5_1_1 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/534.46 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.1 Mobile/9B206 Safari/7534.48.3
Load time: 1347692250204
Persist: whatwg_db



Lol @Raven

@ashley916 andCoGAwesomeness this game is not really even a demo yet, tons of code still needs to be added, I put it up more to show the design. Working hard on the code and will be updating weekly. Even still it will take me weeks before it will soomth out.

Currently working on the player setup so the code is incomplete. Hoping to finish this section today and upload tonight.

Alright I spent the last 6 hours coding, I believe I have the stats working. You are now able to choose any of the four races. If you click that you have finished your choices it will not go any where as I now have to build all the magic you will be able to choose from. I did change the email so it will come to me not CoG. Let me know if you hit any bugs, as I am sure there are a few hiding from me. Will plan on doing bug fixes and smoothing out some of the intro text for next weeks update.


uncaught ReferenceError: globalMap (I think it was globalMap, can’t remember though; something with “global” in it) is not defined popped up as soon as I clicked the link, though I refreshed and the error didn’t appear anymore.

The “Room Notes” button has “note1” missing.

The “Inventory” button has “str8” missing.

The others don’t give me errors though.

Good luck on fixing them!

EDIT: the “Room Notes” button fixed itself as well after I refreshed; the error won’t pop up anymore.