Blackraven: The Key To Freedom

Welcome to Blackraven - A prison housing some of the most dangerous criminals on Earth. It is 1967 and you are a young man/woman about to start a life sentence.

This game was started on January 1st 2012 so today, 2nd January 2022, seems a fitting date to continue it.

In this demo you will be able to play through the whole Rockers storyline up to the final day.
I have disabled some parts of the game, including the Raven Rules card game, which is undergoing a total revamp. Instead, I have let you play the pontoon card game, which in the full release will be a Family only game (you won’t be able to play it through the Rockers path).

WARNING: While I have held back on bad language throughout the game, there are scenes of violence and the first song does contain strong language. The music could change for the final game.

The Demo Link will be added here soon.

For more background on the story, see this thread: Blackraven - Works In Progress - Choice of Games Forum


whats with the shitty emo boy music in the demo? It was the first song and the prison is bad enough without that music. Its just ear rape. im glad i dont have to play it.

Am I allowed to post in this? It looks so clean…
So, uh… “You can’t go through with it, unknown. We have to stop it.”
…My char’s name ain’t “unknown”…
Also… “A chair scrapping the floor from an adjacent visitor”, should be “scraping”.
““Your f’in kidding? What the hell for?” Asks Violet” should 'ave a “.” on the end.

Good spot @Bagelthief - I found the error - it is corrected now.

After choosing to make the special suits there’s an error. Darnit! I should have saved!
There was also summit about reaching into “his” pocket, the owner of the pocket in question bein’ Iris.

Can you tell me more? What did the error say? Can you remember any of the text?

Were you in the workroom or the yard?

Hmm… I think I found it. I corrected an error anyway. If it happens again, let me know please :slight_smile:

Somethin’ like {}… I can’t remember. I’m goin’ to dinner now, so no more for the mo. I like the ability to customise your partner, but does that really change anything? I can’t tell because of the writin’ style.

It does influence an event later in the game… I can’t really say more than that for now. Thanks for playing - all feedback (and discovered errors!) help a lot!

Error: {message:“line 5081: invalid ${} variable substitution at letter 76”}
Scene: 17yard
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (iPad; CPU OS 5_1_1 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/534.46 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.1 Mobile/9B206 Safari/7534.48.3
Load time: 1356965394107
Persist: whatwg_db

I keep getting a 404 error.

Oh jeez, the option to name and later, describe your partner gives a feeling of Awkwardness- at least, to me!

“You motion towards the corner of the yard. She nods. “Good lad”.”
…my char is a woman, so this don’t fit.

And yup, 404 error.

Yeah I’ve noticed that during the game the characters are called he, him, etc and I’m in a female prison.

@Bagelthief I’ve corrected that error. @MusicLover please let me know where the errors occur so I can change them. For people getting 404 errors, please tell me where so I can make the changes (what was the last thing you did, etc.) Thanks for all the feedback so far - every little helps!

Great Story so far, but I kinda thought that maybe you can do a sort of character background? You know, rich kid will be less used to it while rough childhood you know how things work.

Afraid not, @trollhunterthethird - your backstory is predefined and you learn about it through your dreams. What you can alter is your personality in the prison which affects how people react to you and your options in some places.

Day 29. I went to sleep and the 404 error showed up.

@andymwhy Either way the customization is pretty detailed and is clear that you spent lots of time on it. So Great job!

@MusicLover great, I’ll take a look.
@trollhunterthethird thanks - I’ve tried to cater for as many people as possible!

@andymwhy did you fix the problem yet?