Raven Rules Demo

I have been working on the in-game trading card game in ‘Blackraven’ and I have reached a stage where it is playable but lacking… something.

As such, I’ve put a demo together that I’d like some feedback on. In the full game, you would buy packets of cards with cigarettes. Those cards can then be used to play this game. For the purpose of the demo, I have given you around 30 cards that can all be used.

I don’t have artwork finished for all of the cards yet so while you can see the cards that you play, you can’t see your opponents cards yet. Also, the size of the artwork is still inconsistent (some cards will be double the size of others). This is a scaling issue I’m aware of and I will fix.

In the finished game there will be 80 cards, each with it’s own artwork in male and female. I haven’t started the artwork for female inmates yet.

While there WILL be restrictions on the cards you can pick (as specified in the rules), currently these haven’t been implemented and you can pick any of your cards for your hand.

Please leave feedback: What is good? What can be improved? What is currently terrible? Are there any bugs? (crashes, or errors in the logic for who wins).


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Like the game just maybe it could be jazzed up , make it an adventure put a story behind it

;I hate card games so my opinion couldn’t be neutral but I don’t understand anything about rules defense and bonus first time I played your demo. And now is even more complicated and I couldn’t see any funny in it. So I never play or buy cards in your game feel totally pointless for your story. But as I said I’m not like cards rp games so don’t take my opinion seriusly. Why no poker or a real card games instead?

@JLBH2000 this is part of a much larger game:

Thanks for your honest opinion. There is a blackjack game in Blackraven as well.

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I need a more easy explanation to understand it roots guards doctors?? and how bonus aplyes for the card number gender? :-?

The game says my hp is doubled, but it’s not… Unless I misunderstood that bonus. Also, the game doesn’t feel right… Why can’t I choose to have more than one rare card? What if I ONLY get rare cards? Will I be unable to play? In most collectable card games you can make your deck with your most powerful cards. If not, the game depends too much on luck, as you’ll mostly get low cards, even if you have really powerful cards.

Okay, so clearer instructions are needed. In the final game, if you play as a female inmate, all of the cards will be female prisoners. If you play as a male inmate, all of the cards will be males. Gender doesn’t come into it.

The bonus applies to every card every time UNLESS the bonus is blocked by a clan. There are 5 clans. This part works like rock, paper, scissors - each clan is dominant over 1 of the other clans.

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I will take a look at the HP bonus… what card was it that you played?

When you first play the game, you will start with 6 common cards. In each pack of cards you get, you receive 3 random cards. There is a high chance of receiving common cards, a good chance of receiving uncommon cards, a low chance of receiving rare cards and a tiny chance of receiving an ultra rare card.

When you make your deck, you choose 6 cards. Only 1 of those 6 can be UR and only 1 of the 6 can be R. Then, when you play the game, 3 of the 6 cards are randomly picked to be your hand.

The reason for this is so that you have to strategise your deck rather than just picking 6 UR cards. Otherwise you would win every game by having the best cards. Where would be the fun in that?

If other people agree I could change it to 2 R and 2 UR cards… I feel there should definitely be at least 1 C in every deck.

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Any other opinions on this? In particular, I’m wondering about the way the turn plays out. Do you want the information piece by piece or all in one go?

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