The Last Warden - Chronicles (Looking for Testers)

The Last Warden - Chronicles (DEMO) (WiP)

Finally made the demo for the game I announce a month ago, I guess… Now, before making it public I am looking for people who want to help me with the grammar errors or any code error or anything that has an “error”.

But! Lets forgeth about the errors for now and let me tell you what you will find in this game so far… and what you won’t find because it’s still a DEMO!


  • RPG= “You will have the posibility to improve your own skills as you see fit! Level up to spend your “Focus Point” between one of the three skilltress (Close Combat, Range Combat, Power) Remember… choose wisely.”

  • A wise morality= "Your personality will change between points given by “Dark and Light” Now! something you must be aware of. If you gain a point in light it wont take it away from Dark… and you start with 0% of both of them. The game, however, will limit the points you can gain so if you
    don’t focus on one of each moralitys you will end up between Light 55% Dark 45%
    (Another warning. The only way to lose points of light and dark is by choosing actions that fall into oblivion. Doubt, fear, traumas, anything that relents your potential…

  • Your companions will remember= “Check on stats every time you did something that makes your companion remember or be affected. There are two variables that will save actions and reactions of both of you to be use or remember further in the game story.”

  • "You know nothing…" = “John snow… cough What happens here? this is a NEW universe with a lot to offer… Now! What in the seven hells is a Kant? A Wrex? Ci’tharius? People inside the game (NPC) knows the story but you are oblivious of most of it… Interested to know more? Check stats and make a visit to “DATA ENTRY” each time you pass through a stage of the game (Chapter) you will gain more or less information” (WARNING! it’s possible some information won’t be avaible after two or three chapters…)

  • Once and for all, this is unlock= “Gender UNLOCKED!” Wanted to be a woman? a man? Both? There we might have a problem… But gender now is unlock! Hurray!"

  • Fear me, for I am Mr Turtles= “One thing is select your name… what about a title? Something that represents you? Robert Warden, The King of the Nova’co or something like that… choose your title and your name… become whoever you wanted to be…”

  • So… many… questions…= “There are things you want to know and it is not at the Data Entry? You want to know about someone’s backstory? Go ahead and ask! Don’t be lazy! He or she won’t tell you his/her story of life… If you are interested THEN ask away!”

  • Achivement? Now? In a DEMO?= “Yes… oh yes… not the big deal but yeah. Achivements will be give by three things (Actions you have done, Relationships with people, Morality Plus Morality Result)”

  • Notification, you are becoming badass= "Now you can choose if you want to be aware of your stats, companions stats or any kind of weird stats changes (But Experience or coins)

  • This is my money…= “You will find many uses for “Universal Coin” or “Credits” as different people may call them as they want to. Use it to buy things that will allow you to improve your stats or increase your power over others… Be Warn, some actions will be taken as “Selfish” and you will gain DARK points.”

  • Be careful with that bottom…= "Maybe your action today is… well, it may look you are not changing much but in a future not far away… your own life will be at stake.

What you won’t find because It just a demo?

  • No drive license for you = "THERE will be a free world where you can go anywhere, find missions there, meet strange cultures and cretures… Different languages beside the basic… MANY things! However, because this is a demo… You won’t be doing that right now :frowning:

  • Romances… = "You might be able to trick some, however… you won’t get far from first place … maybe second place … but definitely not the third. Why? Because you should work for it!

Want the link? want to play the game and test before make it public publish? Replay here, take a deep breath… and let it all flow…

((Warning, there is the problem the images are not able to be upload since my Dropbox account is too new. I tried the alternative, yes, yet it doesn’t work as I wanted to :confused: SO! Once you ask for the link I will send as well the 4 or 5 images it has…))

Thanks everyone! Stay safe…
(Right now I am checking if this topic has any kind of error…))

[It would help me alot if you send any thing to fix up by private email so I can store it directly into my data base thansk you! :smiley: ]


Wo_OW! You’re making a game?
Awesome :blush:
What is the story anyway? I think it sounds interesting

Also “Fear me, for I am Mr Turtles” … What?

I would like to help with beta test

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I think I wrote it somwhere but it’s just not updated :stuck_out_tongue:

"You are an Akirano, an alien with human body. The Akiranos are different from us because of three things. One) A bloodmark, like a part of their skin in the left shoulder that shines with a certain colour. This Blood Mark represent the Akirano’s duty.
Two) The culture they follow. They believe that their duty is above everything. (Ej: Loved ones, power, desires and needs) with that in mind they grow emotionless. When they are childs/teenagers they do indeed have emotions but those will fade as they prepare themselves to work on their duty. Three) They control a power called “The Energy” which is a source of life that connects everything with everything. A power they wield because of their control of emotions and devotedness to their duties.

You born with a Blood Mark different, never seen, a black blood mark. The Akiranos first take this as a small treath yet they are unsure about you… (SPOILER) At the end you will be threw away from your home-planet to avoid your influence. Since you are chaotic SINCE you do not have a marked duty… (SPOILER ENDS)

((The rest of the story is yours to work out))

Humanoid aliens … Sign me up :smiley:

Is there any customizations though
Like the colour of hair, skin, eyes

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Good question. No. And the reason for it that when I was making one I asked myself… how many colours can someone think of? I definetly want to leave that to the users’s imagination because if I start creating choices for that I will find myself with so many problems and soo many variables O_O

How do you dare to question MR Turtles?

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Sighs thank you … You can’t believe how complicated and meaningless these are

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I can test it.

Characters 20 least at be must post.

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The link is now in your hands…

I like to try the testing it

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Sending the file! (Already with some erros fixed! )

I’d like to test. Must post be 20 characters?

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The restriction of 20 characters you know…

Sending the link to your very hands…

I’d love to give it a try to help you out! Please let me know!

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Totally!!! I want to show you all guys the game and all but the with all this grammar errors that I cant find on my own it will just bring “The magic” down and I dont want that! D:

I swear I will make it public! T_Tt

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Sending the link with all the information needed!

((The author is not online right now but will be tomorrow if anyone else wants to leave a request will recieve a msg soon! ))

Would love to beta test!

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Count me in!(if you still need beta testers)

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