The Last Warden - Chronicles [WiP] (Demo Public)

(If you dont know the story please check out this page The Last Warden - Chronicles (WIP) Story Concept ))

First of all I want to thank everyone who helped me with the Beta Testing. So, many, names.

@AJ_ mostly for your help at the very end with Dropbox. :slight_smile: and yes, you did a lot :wink:

@TheTrueKing , @122B @Kaleolii @RyseAbove & @terrafallen that helped on the beta testing mora than anyother! If anyone needs help I suggest this people always!

@VoiceOfChaos to become the first fan of my story! Thank a lot!

It took me more than I thought to finish the grammar corrections and I am afraid there might be more that I could not find… Hope you understand the beta testing team and I did what we could. :sweat_smile: If you find any error please inform me!

I am still working on the pages that will allow you to travel through space! Which you will be allowed to play some Extra Missions and stories just like:

"A pair of wings" - In the planet of Sesec at Lazaro Sector, a military base sent a message to anyone who can hear it… they need help. The Thuks, a specie which have wings on their backs, tattoos of war in their faces and cat eyes. What you will find is that a new dangerous enemy is showing up… one that only you can stop.

"Pride after war" - In the planet of Um at Lazaro Sector, the population is divided in two mighty civilazations of the same species that fought. After the end of this war, one of them ask for your help, offering a big reward to take a prisoner of war from one of this towns.

"The Third" - In a crusier of the Third Warden, a message is sent to you requesting a meeting…
however you know little about her… what is she planning?

Achievements are ready to see! Watch how your morality changes your personality, how it changes what people think about you and watch what you became for those who saw your arrival :wink:

Become a benevolent creature, or the reason of the storm to come… you have the final say.

The BrokenLink Pictures are in order…

Let’s hope you enjoy it this far… did almost everything in a rush :sweat_smile:



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Now it’s fixed! :wink: check again the link !

((That is what I assume ))

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I swear if the same error code happens again I will remake that choice from scratchs

Test it now! :smiley:

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I like that choice! Good for my personality.

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I still have only Zero as my option after Kantria. It was not supposed to be another title disponible?

No, this is suppose to happen if you destroy the entire ship.

However maybe there is a bug or something… making a double check…

Hmm! I can’t influence Soul to become evil? Like you said, she have a dark side and she is vulnerable.

In theory… making her a love interest is already an influence to make her darker… Akiranos deny their emotions because they can’t control them… so you know exactly what to do :stuck_out_tongue:

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So, both her stats must be high to romance her? Or her romance depends only on love interests stat mostly?

Soul romance options are avaliable for boh gender but she is more easy to romance as man since her love interest. To romance her her stats must be above 25

This will be fun! Come to the dark side we have lots of love!:smirk:

Looking at the source code you could probably drop the images in the same folder as the html file in the link. Make sure the filename case matches what you have in the code though.

According to ChoiceofGames I just need to write the next code

*image (name).jpg(or the code of the image PNG jpeg)

and thats it. Yet, for a reason I can’t explain. New versions of Dropbox won’t allow the user to share a compile game with the images inside. Don’t blame me, blame the dropbox :stuck_out_tongue:

does this file exist?

h ttps://

Just trying to see if its a dropbox thing or just a case mismatch thing. If that file exists and dropbox isn’t being deliberately weird, it should work.

Edit: if it is dropbox being deliberately weird you could try instead.

Edit 2: first page in the quote:

A sigh that reaches the stars to escape from the lungs Let the road ← comma after lungs, lower case L for let :smile:

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I tried Dashingdon but it is impossible for me to over write pages that I send into the sofware… I believe it’s still too alternative for me to use so I will stick with Dropbox :confused: