The Last Warden - Chronicles (WIP) Story Concept

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Screenshot by Lightshot (Cover Art)

“Breath dust, breath deeply. Sigh that reaches the lungs to escape to the stars. Empty horizon of life, of hope. Let the road be divided into the sunset and my efforts fly in the wind … let me get lost in her eyes, let me be on her side.” Celeno´s song, Vagrants

This game is based on a book written by me changed to become a game. (El Ultimo Guardian -SPA)

You are throw to a race known as “Akiranos” from the planet “Akiria”. They have human form however they are not even close to be one.
Defineded by a culture, the Akiranos are known to be emotionless, they do indeed feel but they choose to be more practicall for they born with their duty marked.
A colour, a rectangle united in the skin, determinates the duty of an Akirano. If red, a warrior, if blue a builder, if green a savior, if yellow a council, if purple an agent. Yet there is another colour, white for the supreme Akirano, a warden. Trained in all the tree skills of an Akirano, like a pureblood.

Fifth Warden: “I looked to my pace, I searched every corner of the galaxy, in the darkest places and lifeless. I flew with a rain of fire orbiting planets, sailed the oceans of the nebulae and the empty corners of eternity. But at the time of looking for me, I only find within here, only here. I searched my memories for the purpose, but I was never given one… Seeking in my desires passion, but it is no stimulus. I am looking for a home in which to live forever, and I find myself here.” Quote of “Fifth” one of the guardians of the republic Akirana.

You are Elios Di Akira (Di Akira means from which planet you are from or which race) child of two builders. However you born with a different colour, black. The whole structure of society trembles at this discovering and banished you forever.

“I feel pain, remorse.” - A counselor edged tongue - “Typical Warriors.”

“I feel daring, prudence.” - Continuous other - “An agent should be.”

“Strength, intelligence.” - Replied another - “Is a wise counselor.”

“Love peace.” - A counselor shed a tear - “Healer of the earth.”

“Compassion, honor. - A man with a deep voice - a constructor, that is.”

Oldest Council Member: “Everything is there, every emotion that moves our specie. Yet none are moving forward, it is all stuck in a loop of doubts. It does not raise, it does not shows up, it is just there… static.”

You feel yourself empty, without purpose. Everyone has a destiny and a phase to complete. You are undefined, a mistake, an accident.

From this very beginning, your actions, your reactions, the choices you make they are yours alone. Your personality will be builded by your morality at time to choose. The people you meet will be define through you according to your behavior.

Your goal To be remembered. Travel everywhere, a free world full of adventures. Learn about The Kants,The Celenos, The Wrex, differents planets, moons, ships, dying stars…
But above all, discover your true essence. Unfold your personality.


  • RPG- Your alignment light, dark or grey. Your choices will create points of “Light” or “Dark” the amount of each of them will give you special moves to resolve the pages and puzzles.
  • Companion affection- Your actions will be approved or disapproved by those around you. Could be a single person or a whole community. It is up to you to decide to be cool with them or play the card of lonely wolf. To gain this points is suggested to speak with them when you can.
  • Free roaming- There is a main story and an alternative brand of stories to play. Elios is able to travel everywhere doing almost everything he wants to. Discover more and more lore, people and species that you can unlock with just playing the game.
  • Unknow World- There is so much to see and to understand. This will be the first time Elios abandones his homeplanet. There are many things of history he does not knows and wars that he never was part of. Where would you like to start?
  • Watch out! choices incoming- There might be relevant choices… but beware, a wrong joke or a word in the wrong place or something you did not know and you will end dead… or worse… double dead.


p.d: sorry for my english (x.x)


Hey could you pm it to me it sounds too epic to be true. Plus I might be able to help you with any english spelling erors or anything.

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Hey Adam! I would love to update a earlier acces to the game but I discover that the engine I used before wont work for this plataform for I will have to do it again >_<

However I have all the steps already wroten down in my desk just waiting to be wroten in this code :stuck_out_tongue: I just wanted to give the idea until I have something straight to send without Code errors or Plataform problems! Wont take me much time since I love writing this things!

Msg me directly to my account if you have any question about the game and I appreaciate with my heart the help you offer! If I come to end the early access soon I will make sure to tag you along into credits! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok man thanks hope everything goes smoothly.

Sounds awesome :smiley:
But I have a question is the game gender locked?

Yes, I found it complicated to change the gender of the main character (yourself) without changing most of the dialogues. I must remark this is a book being change to a game so it is already far too complicate >_< :stuck_out_tongue:

What I was able to trick was the relationships you can have as this gender. (Being Bi, hetero, homo)
You would not need to just choose the sexual attraction, you will have to work hard with the Guy or Girl and see where it all goes.

[There will be another game called “Before it gets Dark” (Fantasy-text game) that you will be able to choose your gender, name and more.]

Thanks you for the replay. Stay safe!

Sounds awesome :smiley: (why did I think of dragon age origins?)

Dont laugh at me but never played it T_T

It is a science-fiction by the way! I forgoth to write that in the post >_<

Thanks for the comment! :smiley:

Oh right… Well in dragon age your character is like the last grey warden (which is why I thought of it)

PS: you said its gender locked but as male or female

Male it is! Elios Di Akira is a man.

Aw that’s sad to know. I’ll have to skip this one but good luck with it :smiley:

This looks really interesting, look forward to seeing it. :smile:

I had to laugh though, I can almost hear an omnious voice over whispering “If you’re caught do you think you’ll get off lightly with a simple death? No…for you, it will be double death…”

(I am joking, I’m sure there’s a good explanation as to why it’s different :smiley: )

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I was wondering when you wrote that what did you mean?

I am not sure what part exactly did I say that O.O

But maybe I meant that the game is based on a book I wrote in 2000. “The Wardens” (Los Guardianes)
After ten years then I wrote the sequel of this saga known as “The Last Warden” (El Ultimo Guardian) Making reference to what happened before the “The Wardens”. Both of this sagas are spanish books that I never could upload until this point as Text-Game.

Not sure if that answered your question >__<


“If you’re caught do you think you’ll get off lightly with a simple death? No…for you, it will be double death…”

That was of course a joke haha. Yet when I meant worse I meant it with a far complex reason that you will learn once you play the game! (Not going to spoil anything) :smile:

Thanks for the replay!

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Hey if you have problems with platforming the demo you can use dropbox or dashingdon whitch are the two most popular things to use to post a demo but when your done you’ll have to post it to choice of games. Hope this helps. Adamthecowdog


Sorry if people got confused with my last post it was soposed to be a private message to the athuor.

@Bloodhawkereaper Small chance that the gender could be changed between male or women. Found a way to twist dialogues. I will keep you posted! :slight_smile:

@adamthecowdog Thanks for the offer! I already asked you about this in a Msg I sended you. Thanks you again! :slight_smile:

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If you do find a way to change the genders then I will be happy, I prefer playing as a female

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