Tattooed Wings (WIP and Working Title)


Hey guys,

Yes it’s me again with another WIP,

So guess you want to know what’s it about,


It’s set in the near future, and you start on the streets no where to go, no money, and living the life of no close relatives as well as relatives that have abandoned you.

You go through an adventure of dark plots, murder and the threat if being hunted down by the government.

You get chosen by the slowest of the hierarchy scale to fight against the corrupt government.

The reason your wanted so much is that there is something special about you, something which makes you stronger than all the rest.

You will meet the good, the bad and the ugly.

You start the game in a place called The Fall a high tec society in a corrupt community where you are watched by people and hunted down in seconds… Well most people.

So that’s a brief summary I will try to update frequently but I am also working on Kepler with andy and the rest of the team .

Thank you to Aera, Marajade (for doing the coding!), Lordirishdas, aquos_boost, for giving me ideas and suggestions.

So I guess I hope you enjoy it.



I enjoyed the game so far the choices seem somewhat realistic and I can tell you’ve given this a lot of thought. Hopefully we see more of this :slight_smile:



Thanks buddy means alot I know it’s short but it’s hard to juggle everything around hope you enjoyed and hope to do the sky subway part for chapter one next


I enjoyed the game. I hope you continue on with this. I like that there aren’t a lot of choices because it makes the player craving for more of the story. Can’t wait for more! :smiley:



Thank you again it means a lot,

took a lot of time to make sure everything goes on smoothly

@miki and @Gangnam

could you tell me which parts you like best?


Also guys if anyone would ,like to be a tester for the game please pm


Can’t really say since it was a short demo I really liked all of it, to be honest.


@miki great I glad you liked it, what did you think of the small fight scene and conversation with the hostess


I thought that was pretty swell. Loved the fight scene! Really loved fight scene!



Great it took me two days to that

You should of seen the original version it was gonna be based about going on holiday with your parents

but thankfully my team saved me but made me re write 1000 words lol

and the conversation with the hostess which paths did you pick


@JLBH: I said yes to boarding and paying for the luxury and even gave her a tip. Also, I would like to be a tester please.


@Miki aha I pick that one to,

and miki your wish is granted welcome to the team


@JLBH: Thank You!


@Miki no problem, its my pleasure



UPDATE 0.0001

Minor error check

A little sneak preview of chapter 1 about 1/4 of it all will be up tomorrow morning/ afternoon

Hope you guys enjoy it


I just played the game, and I really liked it.I love the mystery it has, and the way you wrote it with great details. There are some spelling errors though but that didn’t stop me from loving it.


Yay cheers @sandy

Can you tell me which paths you took


I tried to talk it out with Ted, then I told him that I didn’t know he swung that way. After Ted’s death, I boarded Toshi sora -luxury style- and even gave Ana the hostess a tip.


Haha cheers sandy did you enjoy all the choices


Yeah, I really enjoyed it. A suggestion though, I really like looking at stats screen, so maybe…