Secret Society (WIP)

Ok, I need a little break from the fantasy world of Aroderia so I’ve decided to start my second project in a completely different world.
Game should be shorter than “The Story of White Raven”.
If you had the power to change the world, how would it look like?

It’s 2055. World has changed rapidly during the last few decades. To overcome the effects of the economic crisis Europe had united under one federation. States had lost their independence, protests against the idea of federation were brutally repressed and people who were organizing them marked as terrorists. European federation is officially still democratic but in reality controlled by powerful people from secret society without any known name. Common people call members of this organization “The Shadows”. They are occupying every important post in the countries of federation what gives them almost a complete control.

Your family had been among the members of The Shadows since the beginning of their existence and you are too a member. After you’ve finished university you’ve been given, thanks to your father’s connections, your first assignment. You will lead a special investigating group which purpose is to track and destroy all the remaining terrorist cells. You have to earn the trust of the investigators working under you and complete your mission. However, that’s not all. The Shadows have some expectations and whether you fulfill them or not will be crucial for your advancement in their ranks. With every rank you gain you’ll be able to get more and more knowledge about the grandiose “plan”. Except for The Shadows there are still your father and your uncle, very powerful Shadows. They will expect you to support them in the never-ending power battles among The Shadows.

Will you be able to live your double life? Will you be able to become someone who gives orders and not take them? And will you fulfill the grand “plan” or will pursue completely another goals? It’s up to you.

I like your idea remember me the skulls film but your guion seems better I hope there will be a bad selfish way to become in a dictador that will be awesome!

Seems pretty awesome, can’t wait to see a Demo!

I like the idea, the plot is very intriguing and the gameplay should be very interesting. I look forward to seeing how you implement everything :-bd

This sounds awesome, good baseline story, can’t wait to see how it turns out!