In a Tyrant's Shadow (adventure/kingdom game) [WIP]


Hi, so I’ve been playing around with choice script for a little while, and have decided to make a game. The main question I have is, would people be interested in it? and if not what could I change. when i finish it (if i finish it) I have the intention to make it free to play… so thats that.

It takes place in a steam punk styled world, in a small country ruled by a warlord whom runs the country based on tyrannical/capitalist ideals. the country is divided into several cities, which control all the surrounding land that make up the country. Each city has different ideals (i.e. because having body mods is a possibility, if you have them you will be disliked by the knights of the blood order who are against anyone different from them(name will change)).

so now that I’ve outlined the basics, I’ll explain the actual game. The actual game will start one of two ways; one way would be to be born into royalty, where you’ll have certain benefits over the second option. The second option would be you are born into the working class, in which you will have to gain a kingdom through rebellion (if your born into royalty you have to fight off the rebellion). once in power weather it be through winning the rebellion or your father/mother death, you will start doing the job of a king/queen.

When you come into power, you will have different duties, such as making decisions that placate all the different factions/cities (if you do it poorly yo risk rebellion) the actual main plot starts a little while into this portion of the story.
I wont give to much away but there will be at least 2 wars and an uprising, depending on what choices you make.

I have a little more info on it but ill keep it to myself until I actually make it a little ways into it.

Would love some feedback, a demo can be expected fairly soon.


*fix By make it a little ways into it, i meant once i get some more feedback on what people think so far


“It takes place in a steam punk styled world, in a small country ruled by a warlord whom runs the country based on tyrannical/capitalist ideals.”

I like this chap already.


you can connect with said warlord on a personal level?


Just to be clear since you mention being able to be born into royalty, so is the MC a child of said warlord or a child of one who runs a city that makes up the country?


good point, to start off, your going to start off as the child of the warlord (or farmer/merchant); however, in the long run i might add the option to be born into one of the households of the lords. (Ill figure out another name for them(probably))

I guess that option will depend on what people would prefer. I could scratch the idea of being born into the ruling house all together if that worked best.


Also, for now the name is: In a Tyrants Shadow

(will defiantly change)


If you’re working on a society heavily controlled by capitalists in the 19th century robber-baron sense, you could always eschew the standard fantasy terminology and go for more clinical, technocratic titles for your figures of authority and social classes: “High Administrator”, “Director”, “Lord Plutocrat” etc.


@Cataphrak Yah, i like that idea.

which also reminds me, one of my main goals is to make it so that you have the choice to do whatever. It would be possible, lets say to control your kingdom with an iron grip and treat the people like slaves.


“control your kingdom with an iron grip and treat the people like slaves.”

You mean “maximize centralisation for the purpose of optimising the efficiency of the state and higher good of the worker”, right?

Will we have dealings with external powers? I’m not sure the local Great Powers would appreciate me crowning myself “Eternal and Glorious Leader Whose Sweat is the Rain and Whose Eyes are the Sun and Moon”.


yes, and of course you couldent just jump right into it, the choices you can make would help you estanlish yourself as… lets say high ambassador of heaven whos very word reflects that of nature. you would have to rule that way. so if you want to say decrease wages to cut costs and optimize money intake, you would need a government that rules that way in the first place i.e a already thouroghly oppressed people.

im not planning to make one of those games where all choices will be succesfull reguardless of any preestablished barriers i.e you might set up a council made up of senators from each city… or you might have the city rulers killed and their famolies imprisond so that you have absolute controll over your contry


So this is a political game? And the tittle of the thread mislead me to thinking I’d get to kill monsters and such


so, its actualy both, there will be an overarching story line as well as a political side to it, you will have to travle around, fight battles and such as well as go on expiditions (probubly 2 or 3) the first 3rd of the game will be either rebbelling or fighting a rebbelion. (sorry if my sentanse structure is bad right now, im typing on an ipad)

also yah sorry about the title though, i dont know how to change it after posting


@TisforTitan The only thing that can make politics interesting to me is steampunk. I am really looking forward to this.

About what @God_of_Demonz said about killing monsters: maybe we could have hunting expeditions where we hunt some beasts/monsters.


The Game idea sounds very interesting. :slight_smile:
I hope there will be a Demo soon. ^___^


@TisforTitan I love this idea~

Will be looking forward to it!


@Dseg yah i think that might be a possibility

so heres the real question, would people be or interested in becoming the “warlord” and having to deal with both internal and external conflicts, or would people be interested in being a city lord and dealing with that for a while and THAN work your way up to “warlord”… I’m not sure if the two step process would become to long… hmmm :-?


oh and @FinalFantasyFreak I’ve decided that i want the first demo to have a decent amount of content in it so it might be a little while due to the amount of options available. The first demo will literally be samples of each part of the game so that people can give suggestions on how to improve


ooh also, there will be body mods; as in steampunk fashion bio enhancements.


Sounds almost liike fable 3 XD