[WIP] Popularity Check

Still very crude. Medieval era based game. The outline is that the MC lives in a kingdom and 15 years ago when he was a kid (13 yr old) his parents were executed . They got no trial as Emergency was declared due to rebel uprising, so he ran away from his hometown with someone ( related to the set of choices ) and in future he can uncover the truth of their death or become successful in life (various options but basic ones are king , detective , general but secrets are always more fascinating than basic ones) or both. Currently writing the death of this parents (chapter 1) almost complete will share when 2 chapters will be completed.

If Possible
suggestion for game name
is plot good enough
anything you want


Hmm, that seems very similar to the lost heir. True there’s differences, but still, the lost heir was very well written, so in order for me to be interested in this idea you’d have to set it apart somehow. Plus there’s loads of fantasy games, I think there is scope to make a game in this genre, or even with this idea stand out though, my obvious example would be gueneveir, for me that seems unique enough to be interesting, so it is possible, good luck :slight_smile: .


Sounds coooooooolll and the first persons right

Just wanna saying, I’ve added a [WIP] label to your title to make it obvious.
'cuz… well, everyone has to knooowww that it’s a WIP, riiighht? :imp:

Anyway, I can’t give much comment on your plot, yet. The trope is quite common, and you’ll have to make some extra twist here and there to make it unique.

P.S. Your popularity, is rising (Stronghold servant voice intensifies)

The idea sounds good but one can become king or general and find out why the parents died at the same time?

Sounds cool…
Please- strongly consider making the MC have gender /race (Orc, elf, dwarf, etc.), and wizard/magic options. There are already a lot of forced perspective games on CoG and HG… It might be fun to include a time travel theme…

Actually Bjokerd It has time manipulation , will not reveal specifics and will consider the race options

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Twists is what my brother is my brothers specialty ( we are writing it together ) so you won’t be disappointed.

Sounds really interesting

Ooh, sounds… Mysterious! I look forward to playing this once it releases. :slight_smile:

Sounds great but I feel to separate yourself from heir of Daria perhaps focus more on the kingdom part instead of personal part. Whilst HoD had choices you made for you kingdom, ima say, they were a LOT more focused into what your character was doing and what your character could do for the kingdom. By the end you are mor connected to your character and companions than to the kingdom or army who you just used as tools to win. Not saying that’s bad, just pointing out ways to be different. just put a lot of long term meaningful choices, and don’t write pages of information between choices and your game will be great.

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…thing is life of a wizard focussed more on the kingdom too(and swamp castle I think). One thing I’d like to see, that just came to me, that has already been touched upon and wouldn’t be too hard to do, is more focus on familiars. I mean they’re in lost heir and life of a wizard, and I get why they’re not given more attention, seeing as they can’t talk :stuck_out_tongue: . But still I think there’s room to make a fantasy game focussing heavily on the bond between you and your familiar(or even a pet, if it’s a pet dragon or something that’s not too underpowered, so as to be plausible in it’s usefulness) though personally I’d pick a cat of course :stuck_out_tongue: .

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