Would you be interested in this WIP idea?

Hey everyone. I am thinking of creating a medieval fantasy adventure game, that is enjoyable to you people. Let me know if my idea is something you would be interested in, because I will make it for you guys and gals. If you don’t think so, let me know. However, if nobody is interested then I won’t waste my time. Anywho here’s the gist:

Basically, you lived your entire life in your kingdom until one day, when a fateful event changes everything you’ve known. Your homeland is assaulted, and the kingdom is lost. Everyone that survived the destruction bands together in order to escape the chaos that ensues, and it becomes your task to guide them to safety. There will be magic, romance, action, adventure, suspense, and of course, choices.

Yeah is sounds like a good idea.

Yes? Hah just make sure the dialogue is quality and the characters are interesting. Also I always like the option to be super evil. Something CoG has lacked so far I think.

Sounds amazing:) I love medieval fantasy.

Will there be dragons?

Dragons are generally key in RPGs, and the word ‘dragon’ is in his name, so I would think the odds are in favor of that.

@Babisko yes, but whether or not you will encounter one is a different story :>

@Doctor nice diagnosis of my name and wip

@Knightperson honestly, I am a kind hearted person and did not intend for this idea to contain evil options, but I will try my best :smiley:

@anyone is it better to write the story first, then code it or code it piece by piece as you write it?

Personally, I prefer to code and write at the same time. 71

@DragonRider71 It differs slightly from person to person, but generally speaking its best to get the basic outline first in order to get direction, then work on background information that the player may not encounter directly but will effect how it plays out e.g. NPC background information, basic world history, etc. then work on the main story that the player will be paying through, as well as coding if you wish. This is designed so as to reduce the amount of rewrites you have to do, since if you start coding the game at the same time as you write the story, it won’t be as fleshed out and seem a bit shallow. Having said that, I would recommend that while you’re working on the story you give yourself coding “exercises” to get used to coding in CS, so that by the time you get to coding your actual game it should, theoretically, be a breeze.

I second @fantom on his writing advice. Then again, I’ve yet to complete a game of my own, so what do I know?

Anyway, @DragonRider71, your outline seems a little stock to me, but any story can be done well. You say “medieval fantasy,” but just what sort do you intend? How medieval? How fantastical? Will it be influenced by European culture, a la Lord of the Rings, or is it Greco-Roman or something akin to Skyrim? High Fantasy or Low Fantasy?

I can’t help but notice your Dark Souls II avatar. Is that franchise an influence on you? I’ve gotta say, a Choicescript game set in a Dark Souls-esque universe would be pretty rocking.

Excuse the questions. Needless to say, I’m a fantasy fan and I’m interested in your game.

Sounds interesting. I’d like to see it when it’s finished.

thanks for the feedback @fantom and @Saint_Nicholas
@Saint_Nicholas what do you mean by a little stock? When I envisioned this idea I wanted it to be medieval, but I haven’t decided to what extent. I don’t know if I should have the characters speak in a medieval type language for fear of confusing the readers, however I know for certain that there will be knights along with royalty.

As for the fantasy sense I want there to be magic in it along with dragons, but I do not know if I should add other races for the reader to be. Should I keep it vague and allow the reader to create their own race of the characters or should I explicitly mention if some characters are elves or dwarves and what not?

And as for the influences, it ranges from Dark souls to fairy tales, although it won’t be nearly as difficult as the prior.

@anyone let me know how much fantasy you would like to see in this game and it would not hurt if you could answer some of the other questions I asked above ;:wink:

@DragonRider71 I think what @Saint_Nicholas meant is that the little bit that you posted sounds like the basis for many medieval games involving dragons. I’m sure your game will be more unique, but we have no way of distinguishing that from what you posted.

For the speaking in medieval tongue, I’d say try and go half way if you can. If you go all the way you probably would lose some people, but modern talk wouldn’t fit either. Going half way would help with immersion and wouldn’t lose people.

For other races I’d say if there are other races, say as much. Again, it’s all about immersion, and if you let the player decide the other races it might break immersion. Also, if other characters race is already decided by you when you write them, it’ll be more difficult on you to make them convincing.

That’s my two cents :slight_smile:

Kind of sounds like life of a wizard… :-*

Oops wrong smiley lol :))

But I find life of a wizard good though so I think you should.

Please, no medieval english. Im not native so i would be lost at half page.

There would be evil or at least rogue typical situation you know sing taberns , begged and ease other people purses sell fake potions, you know typical bard stuff oh i could sell poison too! i would love being a rogue bard even with no more evil than steal purses and commoner hearts because im a poisoner bard :wink: :-"

No medieval grammar unless you keep it very low.