Legends Part I: The journey of four

In a dream you hear that you are the chosen one, hero, legend however you want to call it. And you must save the world called “Century”.

I’m very exited for this game but there is one problem and that is ‘I NEED A CODER’ so who wants to help ?

(Once its coded i will post Chapter I.I)

Quick edit:

This is not a long intro but i will post a bigger one if i found a coder and post the first part :slight_smile:

cool this might be similar to my game seven swords

you need to post more details because otherwise it´s very hard to say if it is a good concept or not. From what you´ve written it could be almost any game from thousands out there. It´s the details that divide the good games from the bad ones.

Also, I recommend you not to rely on others people help. What you won´t do yourself, won´t be done :slight_smile:

As @ViliamFiedler says, you’ll struggle to get anyone to help you with a vague idea like that. You’ve got to sell your idea, tell people WHY they should spend THEIR time coding it for YOU. What’s the story about? What mechanics does the game utilize? Who are the characters, and how many of them are there? Does it use stats? How long is it? Do you plan to publish it through CoG or keep it dropbox(etc) hosted? And all the rest.

so what exactly is in the game? like race,gender,ect :stuck_out_tongue:

You are 17 years old in a world very diffrent to ours. It is in the medieval age but at the same time also in the future.
In a dream you speak with someone and he tells you that you are the chosen one, you must find three tomes in the world of “century” but the problem is nobody knows were they are. You must go on a journey with three others you will find on the way. But you must be fast because there are people called “The Ravens” who want to have the tomes too so they can free the demons.

The game has: gender
No race: you are human but in the game are mythical creatures and other races.
Classes: these will affect the storyline but only from chapter 2


@P0RT3R Seems like Wyrms by Orson Scott Card, just leanin’ more to the fantasy side than the futuristic/science-fictiony.

@Bagelthief +20 you are talking about one of my favorites sci fi writers! Ender game is amazing !!

this seems like a cool game

@MaraJade While Ender’s Game is amazin’, and the most well-known series he wrote IS the Ender Saga, he writes a lot of cool stuff (although Wyrms is rather twisted). Everyone should read his stuff, an’ Garth Nix’s stuff if they like fantasy, though Garth Nix did do Shade’s Children which is sci-fi.
Um, an’… Snow Crash! Everyone should read Snow Crash! Yup!
Now, I’d love to be shameless advertisement but it makes me feel bad.

@Bagelthief I read enders saga and Jason baggings saga to but the rest is not publish in my country or in Spanish so I don’t read them :frowning:

@MaraJade If you can read English, why not import them?

I want it in physical paper and cost a lot send to my home I wait to the books publish here in Spanish or in original but return to topic.

@P0RT3R sounds cool :smiley:

Sounds like fun.

Sounds beautiful

This is going to be great

yup my game is very similar except mine is about swords :stuck_out_tongue: lol good luck with the game , looking forwards to it

The progress isn’t going very well because of school…
I will post the game maby in next weekend