What kind of game would you like?


So,I’ve been part of the forum for only a short time and I saw a lot of people creating amazing games.
I generally like Fantasy/RPG games so I was thinking…Would people like a text-based game with a mix of fantasy/steampunk/medieval setting,with caste sieges,great wars,giant airships,sword fights,gun fights,big medieval cities and tall castles,romance options. and of course…dragons :smile:

I’m not planning on making a game yet,since english is not my primary language and that makes it kind of harder to learn the ChoiceScript,but if I would it’d be something like this and I would like to add maybe a lot of IMPORTANT choices for the players and change the story drastically depending on some of them.

The main story would be like saving this world from this that evil wizard or something,but of course that would be something very basic,as I would change the story and I have some things up my sleeve.I would even add options on being able to join those evil forces if you really want to.You can save your friends or let them die in purpose.Stuff like that.Anyway tell me if you like a game like this or if this sounds like too cliche.

Thank you


I love RPG games, hench that is why I am working on one lol. Always room for another, like to see what you come up with. Should you need any help just hollar. :slight_smile:


@Lordirish so are you working on a actual RPG game or a text-based one?


Text based Trying to create a table top feel. It is still very early stages.


RPGs are brilliant and anything medieval is always fun. Whatever the story is though, I always like the games to have plenty of choices with lots of outcomes. I think it would be interesting to have a game where you can be a goody goody or just plain evil and anything in-between.

However, that’s just what I like, it’s your story, do whatever the hell you like! :slight_smile: your english is also pretty darn good considering it’s not your first language.


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@P0RT3R, I did tell you my cloning experiment was successful, didn’t I?

I always love a good RPG, so I say go for it (not to be confused with 'Make a run for it)


Oh my god he is a clone of me! He has the SAME ideas and english also isnt his main language! So ofcoure i like your ideas!

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Heck, I thought this was your forum, Porter! They said that some inventions are better off uninvented, but did I listen? Yes… For the most part… No. No I didn’t.


There’s one coming up.

Choice of Robots: Beta. December? You’re a brilliant scientist working on robots and the development of artificial intelligence in the near future.

I absolutely love the evolution of AI in science fiction. It’s small actions that speak the loudest, such as an android putting her hair in a ponytail. I really, really want it to humanise the androids.

Other than that, don’t have any particular demands. Although I find long, well written tales the best.


@Lordirish Wish you the best of luck with your game.

@FinntheHuman5 if I’ll ever make this game it’ll definitely have a lot of choices and it WILL let you side with the good side or the bad side or somewhere between,and the good and bad side might change depending on your perspective.

@P0RT3R I couldn’t resist such a kawaii potato (I didn’t take it from you) anyway please re-consider about eliminating me…I wanna live :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Taiho If I do make a game it will be long enough although I can’t add fancy words to the game since english is not my first language and I can only use basic words :slight_smile:


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A god themed game ;x

Its what i always hoped someone will come up with but its a game that one head cannot handle alone D;


@P0RT3R That is gonna be…awesome :smiley:

@Lordirish The what?

@Doctor nobody really,but he was in the forums before me and all,but everything is possible

@Xhandas_Antonidas If I put my time on it I think I can handle it…after I learn ChoiceScript,of course


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@playa988 The thing is,everyone wants to be rewarded for their work.That’s what I would think,that is.On the other hand,you have a lot of free games in the forums :smiley:


First post used to stalk the forums. I generally like rpg,action,adventure, and or fantasy games. as to playa988 there are wips everywhere.