I need a vote as to which game i should make

i have started to make a few games but need to decide which one to allocate most of my time, could you help me
i started something similar to ruler of the red empire at first but now that there are a few that are like that, i would like to do something else. One that has the first few pages done takes place in a underground civilization. Another idea is a desert kingdom like Egypt or something, and my last idea is a world that has some advanced tech but for the most part, due to disaster is stuck in something like the middle-ages. if any body else has an idea for a game, i would take it into consideration.

please tell me which game you like best

I would like to see this Advanced tech into the Middle ages story done.
Lots of people used to iPods and stuff, and now due to a disaster all of that is taken away.

Hm, all of those are simply settings rather than plotlines. The steampunk setting appeals to me the most out of the bunch.

These descriptions are very vague; I wish you would tell us more about what your objective would be in each one. But for now, the Tech-Medievel setting seems to have the best potential for a ChoiceScript game.

as a clarification to the story lines, the one that is like ruler of the red empire would be a struggle for the thrown. The dessert one would probably be trying to escape from oppression in one way or another and the underground one would be trying to conquer all of the other community’s in the mantel. Another idea i had but forgot to mention was if you were stranded on a island and trying to survive.

by the way thanks for getting back so quick

wow i completely forgot the steam punk one!

you would be trying help society recover from the disaster, or take advantage of the disaster to come to power.

@Cagye_bee that is a pretty epic idea, there should be two groups fighting over what little tech there is left.

Then choose what group to join up with and stuff. >:-)

I will probobly wait another day to see if any other story’s get votes but the steam punk game seems to be winning hands down

I vote for the steampunk one, but the island one could be very interesting if done VERY carefully.

In order of preference:
Tech disaster #1
Underground #2
Desert #3

Could you elaborate on why I would have to be so cautious with the island one

I have an island one in the works, but ive been so busy of later I havent been able to work on it. Otherwise I really like the tech one.

Because playing an island survival game could get tedious rather quickly if survival itself is focused on too much, and there aren’t exactly too many opportunities for a plotline other than “get of the island”. There aren’t particularly many opportunities for character interaction, and unless the writing’s really good it could get boring real quick.

Would the crisis in the steampunk storyline be a natural disaster or a man-made one?


Good Question, I personally would love to see a man-made one where we as humans try to save ourselves from an upcoming natural disaster and failed.

Sounds epic.

I would like to make a disaster that is not really coverd by most story’s, something original

By the way steam punk wins

Well, looking forward to it, remember Steampunk is all about the atmosphere of your setting. And like any game, about a good story, of course.

should i just keep this discosion open or should i make one for the atchual game?

You may want to open a new discussion to let people know which game you have decided to work on. The title on this one may cause them to think that you are still taking a vote.