Help me chose my theme!

I have four games i could write right now but im not certain wich one to do!

The first one is called banditry and its basicaly living the life of a bandit from his begining to his end. The player could chose what kind of outlaw he or she is. The setting will be realistic in a fantasy world (no magic or creatures)

The second idea is called Fugitive. The MC is a runaway prisoner traped in a nation wide manhunt. He escaped with another convict. The MC will chose why he went to prison, how he escaped and what to do once on the run. He can even decide if he is guilty or not. With a paranoia and heat system, the player will alway be on the edge.

The third idea is called last summer. A teenage summer story. Depending on your choice the story will unfold into drama, romance and intense emotions. The game will include all kind of romance and many path to go trough the summer.

The last idea is based on a world i already created for multiple personal projects. Its called freefall. You are a fresh member of the crew of the grey bird, a mercenary ship in the amazing floating land of Aeorth. Many years ago the world shatered overnight. Patchs of land began to gravitate at cloud height and sea swallowed the land, causing the birth of many new species of enormous underwater creatures. The main transport is now ship holding blimps in this steampunk adventure. Your character can come from multiple nations, have different background and interesting ambitions like becoming the Grey bird captain trough respect or mutiny, have impact on the world wars and hopefully survive.

Tell me wich one you find most interesting or even share your ideas for more features! You are free to ask questions if you have any.

i like the concept for all 4 stories & would love to read all of them but i would have to either choose Banditry or Freefall first

Freefall! Freefall! One helping of floating steampunk battleships please.

I like the first one.

You should try and write the one which you want to write the most, the one you have the most ideas for, the one where the characters seem most alive in your head. At least for me, writing the dialogue for certain characters is effortless, because I know what they’re like, what they’d say in a given situation. If any of your stories or characters feel that alive, write that story.
But the most important thing is to write a story you really want to write, otherwise you won’t have the motivation. Given that it is probably something you’ll be doing in your free time, you need to want to do it more than say, go on the xbox or read a book etc if you ever want to finish it.
Hope that is helpful

I plan on working on this full time since im unemployed. But honestly im probably going to end up writing all of them. I just want to know wich to do first. I love all of them equaly and i have many ideas for each.

My favorite is freefall

@AlexClifford1994 brings up a great point. The opinions of us forum folk are nice, but what you personally feel like writing trumps everything. All four of these ideas have potential. Motivation is great for starting projects like these, though to see it through to the end takes a huge amount self-discipline.

It will eventually feel like work, but as long as you approach it as you would a traditional job you should be okay. Writing at a regular, set schedule everyday goes a long way. It’s mentally exhausting being creative for hours on end, so don’t wear yourself out! And good luck!

@Cecilia_Rosewood what do you mean?

If this is your first game, you might want to try whichever one gives you a chance to create something that has satisfying start-to-finish play down at least one story branch within a couple of months. This lets you share the game with the community and get lots of interesting feedback, and also gives you a great workout in creating ChoiceScript code that runs as you want it to.

Freefall would be great

Personally, i would outline each one a high level. There’s a subtle and important difference between a good story and a story that’s good as a CoG. It needs to lend itself to giving the player lots of interesting choices to make-- without giving you the writer an impossible number of branches.

My first plot idea that i was pretty excited about turned out on closer examination to have room for too few significant choices, so it’s back to the drawing board for me. You may find that some of your ideas transfer to a CoG better than others.

I like the Third option most people tend not to focus on romance like that and I would definitely read it if u made it!! But then again maybe I’m just a big old softie :smiley:

@cyanide Did I mess up my english again?
Anyway, I vote for Freefall.

last summer!!!

@cyanide, I vote Fugitive. Did you ever see the movie The Fugitive? Has @Harrison Ford and @Tommy Lee Jones, It’s great.

@StarWarsMaster, a big softie? Chewie?

I neer saw this movie. At this rythm its going to be Freefall

@Cecilia_Rosewood you said something about helping with floating battleships

More like wanting something with floating battleships. It seems to fit the theme.
If you want help you can always ask, but I try to focus on my own WiP for now.

@Cecilia_Rosewood there will be huge battleships, one person assault pod and even flying citadels.

I would like all four. I mostly agree with @AlexClifford94 and I also have the impression that Freefall has most potential and would also be the largest of the four taking more time then the other three. If you want to finish making a game quickly I’d recomend Fugitive or Last Summer.