What genre would you like to see?

What’s your type of general? What do you want to see. medieval, modern, western, sci-fi, supernatural, everyday life, past, future, fantasy, romance or maybe something new or interesting.

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Hmm…I guess I would like to see a cog set in a medivel world where people fight over castles and stuff. Only instead of swords and bows there r also robot golems and GM people(genetically modified) who can jump really high or move super fast and other cool stuff like night vison with heightened senses. maybe even add a steampunk airship or 2? Please forgive any misspells I may have made. Hope this was what u meant!

Medieval fantasy romance, cuz you can twist it and everyone loves a heartthrob.

Being a big, big, big, BIG fan of fantasy, I would love to see another fantasy game or two.

However, I would really like to see a game set in the future, because what @God_of_Demonz said really piqued my interest, with the robots and all. Maybe not so big like Gundam or something, but a game set relatively in that time/future would be a good change of pace.

@GrimReaper21 When you say fantasy romance you weren’t thinking about choiceofromance cog game were you.

Oh I think someone would love to make a futuristic fantasy/romance game except for the fact that they’ll need a setting. Robots, guns, and machines don’t usually quite mix with castles or does it…

@Arcania Prince of thorns disagrees.

I love fantasy. I don’t like sexist fantasy though, or dark and gritty, or here’s 10 novels and the series will never be finished fantasy. But I do like fantasy, it’s undoubtedly my favourite and most-read genre. My most read author’s probably Terry Pratchett. One of my favourite games is Discworld Noir.

I like Science Fiction that delves into social issues, as opposed to that which deals with hard science. I’m more interested in the social impact that an alien invasion would have, or the personal matters of existing in a post-apocalyptic world, or what living in a dystopia does to someone and how they break out of the conditioning.

I’m not sure how that would translate to games though.

My game is set in the future, and has robots, guns, machines and castles. The guns are the most difficult of the four to acquire, since it’s set in the UK. It’s urban fantasy though as opposed to traditional fantasy, so not quite the same thing. And now I have to mark down ELVES on my list of things to do.

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No I wasn’t thinking about that, I was thinking more of myths than just a bunch of made up stuff.

I’ve been testing the waters with some ideas ive been asking my friends, Ive wanted to see a story/game that takes place within a world that revolves around a virtual reality game so in that theme you could combine many things that would normally be out of place.

I was also thinking about a Samurai story with Alice and Wonderland type themes but alot of people couldnt wrap their mind around what that might look like.

Or perhaps a story that requires multiple views points, or a story that starts from the end and goes full circle, or perhaps a story that explores themes of life after death?

idk, I’ve also had some crazy ideas like ive never seen a story where your a cyborg or robot so I was thinking about a futuristic world where all the humans have been harvested for blood and only vampires and cyborgs live on and you’re a robot and go to war with the vampires, but yah im just tossing out odd ideas ive had written down.

@2Ton the idea of samurai in wonderland is great! Take a look at the new trailer for Murdered: Soul Suspect that should give you a few ideas of how to go about it

Maker 0.0. Well there’s already a pirate cog…vampire…assassin…

But I gotta say I didn’t see that one coming @2Ton

I wonder about seeing a cog with an undead theme. Die and return from the dead.

Oh my bad Nox made one called Afterlife it’s great. I just had forgotten about it for a second

@2Ton the cyborg/vampire idea is damn good. I can just see it as an anime on the epicosity level of Shingeki no Kyujin.

I have more ideas, but I didnt wanna spam too much. I was thinking about a world where the economy is mostly failing. One country begins to to legalize hiring hitmen because it’s become a highly profittable business and they eventually dig themselves from debt and other countries soon follow the trend though there is a huge draw back murdering people is still illegal, so you have to be a professional and not get caught, conspiracy to muder also is a crime so being a hitman isnt for noobs who shoot first ask questions later thought sometimes it can be.

But since hitmen are a hot market people begin to open shop fronts that look like everyday places: Ice cream shops, Fast Food Places, shoe stores, Insurance Firms but really are places where you can hire hitmen to assassinate anyone, and I was thinking of a story where you begin you career as a hitmen I had many many different intros but I decided to not do it because it wasnt my first priority, and I wasnt satisfied with any of the 12 intros I had.

I was also thinking of doing a story that was dark fantasy based around a exiled court wizard who wishes to get revenge on a king and did I mention this court wizard is a necromancer? but how I invisioned it was too much of a one-dimensional story with not a bunch of choices too linear for CS, though if you put your mind into it im very sure you could make it very branching.

So far, all the sci-fi games we’ve seen have been space operas (and Heroes Rise). I do think that an animesque science fantasy might be nice. (But I’d probably have to write it myself. Gah, the laziness!)

Also, that Magical Girl game that was being written a ways ago looked promising.

The idea I mentioned before came from GW:2. Watch a utube video of it to have an idea of what I meant. See if the idea is still salvageable.

Off of what @Ramidel was saying - I do NOT want to see another space opera.

I wouldn’t mind seeing another superhuman game. Wouldn’t necessarily have to be superheroes and villains, but I wouldn’t complain or anything.

I was thinking about doing a vigilante kinda story but then I seen someone was doing that so I decided imma do super hero story that will be will be gritty and dark, I liked heros rise but there wasnt enough like really hard decisions and it always felt a bit pg-13 and that black magic and prodigal thing was kinda dark but still PG to me.

Most of what ive written so far I havent gone too far and the stuff I have wrote that is mindfucking Ive only shown a few people like seriously, CoG is gonna have to put twelve disclaimers on all my projects, like…

Disclaimer: YO! if you be all faint of the heart dont read thiz shiz then, my nizzle, yo heart will explode! im serious!

then you turn the page.

Disclaimer: Seriously tho we dont associate with this madman who wrote this stuff, whatever yo about to read is hella disturbing, are you sure you wanna do this?.. no one is daring you!

Choice of Games is not liable or responsible for any psychology trauma you may face reading this story, we are also not liable if you experience: brain explosions, mental problems, seizures, sudden fits of insanity, face melting, warpped minds

@2Ton Lmfao how much mindfuckery do we speak of here?

Im exaggerating but always try to take stuff to an original place, but imma try to have the hero border on insane and give strong antihero themes there will be dead innocent and there will be choices that are kinda like asking “Would you rather swallow a large glass of razor blades and salty bleach? or would you rather have shards of glass forced into your eyeballs and hit repeatedly with a sledge hammer?” pick ONE!!!