What kind of stories do you want to see for Choice of Games & Hosted Games?

Well title is pretty self explanatory

Epic low fantasy

Hmm fantasy scifi mistery… Everything allow a great guion and freedom to player create a own character, the factor of let me choose alignment of karma is welcome, i usually play evil character or the most selfish i can. Poison and charisma persuade uses are greatly welcome too =))

A Huge Action adventure

A survival horror similar to RE

Fantasy AND Scifi~ Like maybe conflict between magic and tech stuff~~ I kinda wish there were more magic themed stuff around~~

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My gamebook, Trial of the Demon Hunter, is coming out in March, and it’s high fantasy.

Modern adventure

Futuristic mass effecty type game, or maybe older sabres of infinity type game but with other elements like in full metal alchemist.

And I agree with Mira, full character creation and customization through story progression, I love being a dark hero or full out villain

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Or maybe even another choice of broadsides type game cause that one was great, sept maybe in modern times with a naval battleship or a futuristic one on a battle cruiser. Romance always helps for me too, I love a good love story!

I wouldn’t mind seeing a horror game that doesn’t rely on zombies for fear. Don’t get me wrong, I love zombies, but I feel like most games go “Here are some zombies, they will eat you if you choose to hesitate at shooting their brains out.” I want to see a game where the atmosphere builds up, slowly, to a level where you’re infinitely wondering whether “Was Choice X back there a good choice? Am I going to die if I did the wrong thing? Oh dear, oh dear, what do I do…” etc. Where the text actually scares you into wondering what’s going to happen, then sikes you out, then makes you wonder again, then you expect it to sike again but it doesn’t, and you’re getting more and more tense, but you don’t want to stop playing.



With so much from mass effects, what would make it actually feel like a COG-Mass Effect game to you?

@BraveMustang that’s a good question, I suppose it would just be interesting to have a choice of game game like that in the mass effect universe itself, which I know isn’t possible cause of like legal reasons. So, I guess I can’t really answer your question cause I’m not fully sure on what would feel like it. Well…actually, there was apex patrol which gave me a really good star trekky feel and there was the fleet that gave me a battle star Galactica feel, so perhaps something similar but different at the same time?


A Mass Effect CoG would be possible as long as whoever wrote it made it freely available and got Bioware to Okay it. Actually a Mass Effect CoG was my very first idea and I asked CoG about whether it would be possible.

I’d like to see more uncommon genre games, like Romantic Comedy or Grindhouse or Heists or something. OR something that would be hella cool would be something like The Wolf Of Wall Street where your character goes from rags to riches but must make unethical choices to stay on the up and up, and they’ve got to try and outsmart the federal government. IDK I’d just like to see more ‘human’ genres. Horror/Fantasy/Sci-Fi is all good but I’m more about characters and the best way to write real characters is to write real stories.

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This is just an observation, but I’ve noticed that the non-fantasy/sci fi gamebooks aren’t nearly as successful or well received as the fantasy ones.

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@Samuel_H_Young I can understand it 8D It’s cause the real world bites.

@Nocturnal_Stillness Oh and what did they say about a mass effect one? And while I’m talkin about that, a deign age one would also be awesome 8D

Yeah I love fantasy because it takes you to an alternate realm that you could never experience elsewhere