Which genre do you feel is underrepresented?

First of all it is absolutely not my intention to complain about the current selection COG offers. I’m very happy about it. A broad range of genres have already seen games, and a few genres like sci-fi and fantasy get a steady flow of attention. But recently I saw some topics asking what kind of game people were interested in. And it got me thinking, which genre do you personally wish was more represented?

Personally as a bit of a history enthusiast and fan of violence, politics and crazy adventure I love pirate-themed games. I loved Choice of the Pirate and wish there were more games which were about pirates.

What is your itch that you can’t get enough of?


Sport genre, it’s really few and most of the WiP about it is closed. And something that have little to no fantasy (ironic though since I myself also make WiP with fantasy genre, maybe some day I will). Also second you at the pirate game, there really few now that I think about it :thinking:

I also change the category by the way, hopefully you don’t mind :slightly_smiling_face:


I would personally like to see more murder mysteries.

However I understand that this might not be a genre designed for the mechanics of a CoG, most games centered around mysteries (like some graphic adventures) tend to focus more in resolving puzzles and find clues, choices may or may not intervene but that’s usually because there is a side plot or theme that doesn’t center around the main mystery so much.

I have always wished there was a COG/Clue, where maybe the choices could lead to different endings and culprits. But I have no idea if that could be possible.


I’m super surprised that outside of a single WIP I’ve seen, no one has attempted to make a Choicescript game about being trapped in a virtual world.


There’s one actually, though I not sure is there more:

Have you seen Scarlet Sails in the HG section?

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Yeah. That was the one WIP I was referring to. I’m honestly surprised that there aren’t any more at least not that I’ve seen.

I would like an Arabian nights themed game. With some genies,dancers,harems and lots of camels.


I’d love to see a pure Cyberpunk work. Without fantasy flavors.

Possibly with themes revolving around corporatocracy and how cyber augmentation influences society at large. Also, crazy conspiracy-bordering theories that predict how governments and mega corps will behave in the future and what specific events may unfold thereafter. These speculations, some of which may and do come true irl, are always a huge plus in my book. Brings another layer to the book that is not immediately noticeable, which I enjoy a lot.


No problem! I was unsure in which category to post it so I select General :slight_smile:

Yes I have, I’ve also played it multiple times just because it featured pirates. But I wouldn’t rate it very highly (no offense to the author), it’s been a while since I played it so at the moment I’ll refrain from constructive criticism. But I do remember I found it a bit lackluster.

Have you tried MetaHuman Inc.?


Romance like just pure romance stories


How about a film noir tale? Hard boiled detective, murder mystery, gangsters, femme fatales. I haven’t read any CYOA in that genre I can recall.


You’ll be in luck when the heart’s choice brand is launched :slight_smile:

@Yippie That’s the only other published game around here that I know of. I actually thought it was kind of fun, but as with everything not all games will appeal to everyone the same :slight_smile:

@anon8836198 I agree with Yippie, give MetaHuman a go. It’s a great game. There’s another one by the same author called Orpheus ruse that you might also like if you like Metahuman. (It’s quite focused on ESP, and less on the corporate side of things but includes governments and conspiracies etc.) You might possibly Choice of the Deathless as well from that description.


Not that I’m complaining or anything but it seems a lot of WIPs are of fantasy, usually medieval, genres, or involve the supernatural to some extent. Sci-fi is also very popular; what I usually don’t see much is stories focused on just our modern world.

I get quite surprised that my WIP, which is just set in modern real world without any fantasy elements or magic, is sometimes mentioned to be “unique” or “different from other games”.

I am talking about WIPs mostly, I am not very experienced with the COG or HG library but it seems very varied.

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Not sure if it really counts as a genre of its own, but I am a big fan of games where you play as the villain.


Western,I’m a hopeless western sucker,give me more Tin Star


Horror, can I say horror? Horror, thriller, mystery, suspense, that style of genre. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever read a horror cyoa book . . .


Not a genre so much as a style/tone of writing, but I feel we could do with some more lighthearted/comedic pieces around here.

There was certainly at least one attempt and it was very good too, sad it died tho.
It was called “Don’t wake me Up”. Sadly not even the demo of it is playable anymore due to being on Dropbox. :disappointed:


Hmm, I haven’t really seen anything going for the Choice of the Heart label yet. But, I haven’t really kept up well with recent WIPs. Still, romance does feel a little under-represented so far, imo. Though hopefully there will be more in the future.


Have you tried Highlands, Deep Waters?