Grand Aera Online (WiP) (Updated 3/2/2018)

Grand Aera Online - a game fueled by the seemingly impossible promises of a developer and the budget to rival a small nation’s. You’ve been waiting for years, and in a surprise move the game is releasing tonight. You eagerly return from your high-school, fire up the download, and get immersed in the game in a way you never thought possible.

Will you attempt to return to your world? Will you decide to stay in this new exciting continent? Will you create the most powerful guild? Become the best in the top raid team? Will you attempt to hack the game? Or will you find out the truth and save this new land, and more?

I’m looking for feedback on all levels. Spelling errors and grammar problems are bound to be around… If there’s an option you would like I’d love to add it, if it works, and if there’s something that’s off please give your opinion on it.

Known Issues
Item generation will have bugs. Please send them my way.

It’s in its infancy, so it is quite short right now. There are also a few things I’m unhappy with - primarily the school section and what immediate purpose it serves.

Link to Demo
Updated: 3/2/2018

Link to Playtest
No current playtest.

Updated: 1/30/2018


0.06d -> Proofread changes. Fixed grammar, wording, etc.
0.06c -> Updated demo to old playtest. Fixed bugs. Added content up to the first village.
0.06b -> Arbiters can now progress past the goblin. Added Class Clown background.
0.06a -> Hotfix. Fixed errors.
0.06 -> Playtest posted. Added build variety. Inventory system. Stats screen. Randomized items. River scene. Arbiter class.
0.05c -> Grammar, typo, and more fixes. Forced the plant creature encounter, even if you were able to hear the river. Added Talisian race.
0.05b -> Added placeholder stats screen. Should no longer throw errors.
0.05a -> Added brown hair, typo fixes, added save system.
0.05 -> Public demo

  • Randomized Encounters
  • Combat System
  • Adding Routes

The current priority is the combat system. I really want to get it out to you guys to test so that I know if it’s fun or not. I’ll explain more about it when I post the link to it, but it will be the next update instead of a story update.

Contact Info

You can reach me at this forum or if you’d like to message me directly.

Thank you all so much for testing and playing. You’re feedback is always appreciated, and I sincerely hope you enjoy it.

Let your opinion be heard!

  • Get rid of italicized thoughts. It’s my head, not yours, Locke!
  • Keep them, they add flavor.

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It’s giving me that Sword Art Online feel right there. I like it!


love it show feeling you put in to it

It’s quite good so far. I’m curious about how the story will go on.


Need to know more of what it is before I can make a choice on how I feel

Really liking it so far but would prefer if i choose the loner route that i dont get a friend at the start of the game i wanted to make a loner assassin type character but it looks like i’m going to have my annoying friend along with me which is the only aspect i dont like.

No brown hair :disappointed_relieved:


I like it. something could be streamlined but otherwise, I like it.

Could use one or two classess more or sub classess later in the game possibly something like paladin or death knight


This is awesome!!! Good luck.

Enjoy it so far but I do have a couple question will the game be more stat base or more pick the right choice base. My next question how much depth do you plan on adding to game an examples: will you be able to buy better equipment for yourself and if I’m bringing that up will there also be a money system,level up and ability to choose skills depending on are class,Guilds you can join since this is a mmo your stuck in,Your race skill and how other react to the race you are. My final question is romance how many options though personally I still buy it if there are none. Final note I love what we have so far and I can’t wait see more in the future.


This seems good although more classes would be good look at new D&D and Pathfinder maybe some of the unearthed arcana classes. Some other races would also be good like a demon, Draconic and angelic race.

I am hoping for a mix of “Log Horizon” and “Overlord” I wanna make me a government (Also love what is currently there)


I really enjoyed playing what you had so far, good luck with the game.

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Fantastic feedback, thanks for being really specific, it helps a ton.

Stats: The game keeps track of agility, strength, intelligence, and mana behind the scenes. A few of the options will actually fail if you don’t have the stats for it. This is most notably present in the goblin fight, the plant fight is closer to a story based fight.

Equipment: Yes there will. I need to implement the status sheet, and figure out how to make it work for each class. A sorcerer can’t wear heavy plate for example.

Money: Absolutely. Every route will likely have this to a great degree, though how much you get depends on which route you go.

Guilds: This will be hard to add to a couple of the routes I have planned, but one of the routes is essentially running a guild.

Romance: This also depends on the route, and I’ll be able to give you a better answer when I detail a few of them. Expect at least 2 in every route.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to include advanced classes in one of the routes. It’ll allow you to choose an upgraded version of your current class. Sorcerer -> Archmage/Elementalist/Battlemage

Thanks, I really appreciate that.

Fixed for next update, lol. Thank you for bringing it up. Some of the races you can choose purposefully don’t have some colors, though.

Thanks for the feedback! What do you think isn’t streamlined right now?

Thanks for the suggestions. I actually play 5e pretty regularly, so a few of the classes, and spells will have been clearly inspired from 5e ones. I’ll think about adding a demon/angel race, but they would have to be waaaaay weaker than actual demons and angels in the game. Maybe more of a tiefling/aasimar deal. As for classes I’m trying to keep it small for now, with how I’m coding a few things in the background each extra class forces me to add a ton of new things. If I think of a better way to do it I’ll add a bunch more. My original draft had far too many.


I would like to know if we get anything for killing the plant monster and if we might be able to have barbarian like animal hide armor by the time we leave the forest (I wanna be wearing a bear pelt around my head that acts like a cloak)

I like this, it’s pretty good. Looking forward to see what happens in the future with this. Also. Nice job with the Pokemon reffrences 10/10 pretty gr8 m8.

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Wow man I like it! Can’t wait to see what else happens.

First of all
It’s refreshing to see a MMORPG concept and for a demo, the introduction o prologue is written well. Although I am not a fluent English speaker or writer, one can see that it is nearly clean. Who am I to say as I am not a professional but I just let my opinions speak for itself :joy:. I’m really sorry. Plus, the appearance choices on character creation (that must be tough coding for a lot of choices) is very interesting from the hairstyle to the body frame of the character.

Like I said, it is an amazing concept of another world. Like an ‘isekai’ manga, uhmm I think it means ‘to another world’ (anyone please correct me :sweat_smile:). Simple yet unique.

If you don’t mind me asking, are you planning for a class change system? And will there be a race bonus passive skill?

Anyways, keep up the good work and we’ll be waiting for the next one 🙋


Thank you for your comments, having the a non-native english speaker is a huge help for testing, and I really hope you continue to enjoy it down the line. So no need to say sorry! As far as class change systems I don’t have any plans to allow transferring from one base class to another. So no going from Sorcerer to Gladiator. In a few of the routes, however, I will include advanced classes. Race bonuses are included in game already, each race has different stats associated with it, though it is all behind the scenes. I think it’ll be a bit more obvious once I the stats screen is enabled. For skills themselves you’ll find that different races allow you different options further down the line - Half-Gond will find it much easier to enter Gond warcamps, and Funestan may find it difficult to enter some cities.

Thanks, haha. I was out of ideas for names and used the first thing that came to mind. I may take them out later though.

Log Horizon was probably my single biggest inspiration for this. So expect a guild management route. Glad you like it so far!

So I was actually laughed at when I mentioned I thought auburn hair was brown today… So I added it, but if you take it you get a stat penalty. (Just kidding) Facial hair is a great idea! I’ll be sure to add it to the game. Also I should have a beast race implemented soon. Thanks for your suggestions. The specific ones are amazingly helpful.