[WIP] Discovering : Book One (Back with a update !)

Discovering : Book One

Are you curious about your identity ? Do you want answers about who trapped you in this laboratory and why ? Then welcome to your journey where you will encounter friends, some people grateful, and other…who would like to put you into silence. How far will you manage to go to discover everything ? Enter this world, and good luck, sweetheart !

Warning : Violence, possibly abuse, potential slavery, optional sexual scenes, homophobia, racism, etc…

Hello there and welcome ! Thank you for clicking on my topic ! Discovering is a game under development full of mystery, mixing modernity and fantasy.


Click there and enjoy the beginning of my game !

Actual characters : 48 452

Help needed : In the stats making it more in form of description; with how the sentences are written.


Discovering-CoG Game [WIP]


What is it about?


Well, I will not spoil, but I can say that you’re playing a character who isn’t supposed to live at our time (modern time), and that he will have to do a long trip to regain his memories. And after that, they (The protagonist and the friends he gather during his trip) will have to deal with dangers and weird things they could never thought could happen.

Is that enough ? I can say more but it’s up to you if you want to be spoil !


Hi, I tried to play but I got error post after trying to customize my MC

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Can you please show me ? With a screen or copy paste please ? ^^

I don’t know how to do that since I tried to put screenshot in my reply but it doesn’t work. But yeah I can’t get through the game after choosing height for the MC cause it says error 404 :frowning:

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After height ? That’s normal sorry x) I’m trying to do good stats like I said before, but I don’t manage to do it well- I have a ‘couldn’t open animal.text’ error in my ChoiceScript IDE whenever I do a quicktest-

Ah I see, hopefully you can figure it out cause yeah I’m curious about the game :slight_smile:

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This showed up after character creation.

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Yes that’s with what I’m struggling, sadly-

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some typos

trigger has two g’s

should be just color since its singular

Like if you were remembering yourself.


doesnt need the !

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There’s some coders who might be willing to help out if you reach out to them and figure it out what’s wrong. As well some quick DIY tutorial videos here somewhere.

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You are probably using the files that come in the demo you get when you download the random tester. You have to make sure the files listed on the startup.txt are the ones that you have on the folder.

And delete the ones you don’t use, like “animal”, since that one is the one that is prompting that error.

I suggest you to read the wiki to get used to the format and coding.

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I don’t have that error anymore, thank you !

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I did some upgrade while answering you ! I think it’s okay now ! And if any of you think the stats can be better, tell me !

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you could add a comma to make it flow better “i dont think so, what is it honey?”

its a short start but it seems interesting. im interested on how you’ll take us on a journey. from my opinion, the stats seems to be fine. maybe capitalize what your is gender is. also, what are the possible races we can choose from, or is that already set? im interested on why there is a lust bar. the charisma is split from the other stats.
i think its better to spilt the stats we can raise and the stats that tracks our personality like just a gap between them

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I want to make a game really full and detailed so- Yes the Lust bar should go under the Charisma one-

I tried also to make a little gap between but it didn’t worked-
And the other changes are made !

I suggest trying VS Code, it shows common ChoiceScript errors as you write which is pretty convenient.
And lower the number of bugs players have to report. Everytime a new WIP is posted, first reply always little bugs…

Also here is the wiki, it will serve as a guiding light for you.

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I’m excited to see the continuation ! I’m french too and I’m also writing a story :grin:.
Good luck !

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