UnNatural - A supernatural horror game - editing complete, beta testing over

As my game has gone through a name change and changes in regards to how the story plays out I have decided to create a brand new topic so it will be easier to follow. So from now this will be my OFFICIAL topic for the game :slight_smile:

Game Name: “Unnatural”
Game Genre: “Horror”


Monsters are real.

The Supernatural Response Team (S.R.T) are a group formed to deal with them. They track down and either capture or kill any monster they can find.

You are one of their potential recruits…

Introduction: This game puts you in the role of a teenager who loses their family in the first documented supernatural case. It follows them as they grow up and eventually joins the S.R.T in an attempt to stop other kids experiencing the loss you have felt.

Game Basics: The game is split into individual “Episodes”. Starting off with the “Pilot” which is when the player defines their character, then “Episode One” (currently being written) will cover the initial training period. The second part of “Episode One” and all forthcoming “Episodes” will involve the player dealing with supernatural cases attempting to capture or kill various supernatural monsters [vampires, werewolves, zombies, ghosts, gargoyles, golems etc]

Comments and suggestions as always would be most welcome.

Enjoy the game as it grows…

Matthew [Nocturnal_Stillness]



Talking to the team mates in Alpha was going to be a lot longer than it was, but the coding started getting a bit out of hand and kept causing errors (the biggest issue was David and the youth and what happened). I toned it down a bit so it could work but I do intend to attempt to expand on it.

I am also thinking of adding a bit more inbetween joining the SRT and the moment a monster gets loose. I will definately add some more choices as I certainly don’t want people to be rail-roaded.

a few questions in regards to future updates

  1. would you like the chance to skip joining alpha/beta and get recruited straight into Gamma [if you have the right stats]?

  2. what parts do you feel were the weakest? what about the strongest?

  3. who was your favourite/worse character?

  4. in the beta path did you read the e-mail that wasn’t meant for you?

  5. I’m considering having a new game plus feature [complete the game to get a code which when entered at the start lets you play again with slightly improved stats] would that interest you?


The latest version has the full Pilot episode and the start of Episode One (first week of training).

I intend to work on weeks 2-4 and the initial case over the weekend.

Sounds awesome. Can’t wait to see how this pans out.

Well, the pilot does indeed help me develop my character without it dragging on too long, I look forward to seeing the next episode.

Oh this is why you closed the Silver Cross thread? Because it’s no longer called that?

I just tried the demo and it was great, I like the story so far and can’t wait to see more though I am curious will we get to choose our guardian spirits? =D>


yeah plus how the story plays out has changed ie not being a cop but a teenager.


glad you liked it. as for the guardians currently who you get is random but I am considering giving the player a choice.

How are people finding the stats are the progressing ok, too slow or too fast?

I also thinking of limiting certain cases based on gender. For example there may be a case that requires you to enter an all female prison and the warden refuses to let a man inside. (could also flip that to an all male one). Or a monster who prefers to kill a particular gender (ie a werewolf only kills women so the SRT don’t want to send a woman, could even let the player go anyway) it could make it so a case is easier for some players as the monsters will want to go after them.

I don’t intend to do a lot of these types of cases just enough to warrant more replays.

suggestions of other potential gender limited locations/situations would be helpful.

I do not think that’s a good idea. While that’s just my opinion, it is a very strongly held one.

I think it might be okay if you have it so that the event is always the opposite gender to the character (If the PC is female, it is a men’s prison and vice versa; the werewolf only kills women if you’re a man and vice versa; etc. etc.) but even then I wouldn’t necessarily like the idea. It is my personal opinion that gender discrimination of all kinds should be left out of entertainment media, though I think that’s more than clear at this stage.

That would be nice to include the choice of gender for an actual purpose. I can think of a couple of ideas, such as a monster gone wild in a boarding school (boy or girl only school), or maybe some sort of a gender limitation due to a religion in some locations. Dont know if these ideas help, but there you go anyway :smiley:

The game so far looks quite impressive; the story works, the choices are good and also the stats seems to be working.

Keep up the good work!

@imf151 I disagree; I don’t think it would be nice to include discriminatory content. Sorry for being blunt about it. I just think I ought to say something.

BTW, I personally think that Silver Cross Inc. was a much better name.

I quite like the idea of mission variations depending on gender, adds to the replayability.

@Canisa Sorry for being so blunt myself in my previous comment.

Now from this point on Canisa, do not take this the wrong way. I dont want to insult you or your views at all.

First of all I’m also against every type of discrimination possible. In todays world however, it doesnt matter what you do, discrimination by gender, race, religion or whatever does exist in the world we all live in. And as long as it exists in the real world it will exist in fiction.

And regarding my previous comment, I dont regard that as being discriminating. Or if you can send a woman to serve a sentence to an all men prison or vice versa, let me know, 'cause then I will change my opinion.

Dont take this the wrong way Canisa, I dont mean to disrespect you or your views of life in any way, but sometimes you cannot regard some rules that are meant to protect people, as discriminating. As I said discrimination is a bad thing most of the time, but when it is a law that is meant to protect for example women, it is not in anyway discriminating.

I dont want to argue about these things as these are opinions and everyone is entitled to have those. I just had to make myself clear, thats all.


I wasn’t aiming for discriminatory content, I was just thinking there would be places a person couldn’t go, for example would a warden in an all male prison be comfortable letting a woman enter?

I suppose with the S.R.T being an official organisation similar to the police they would have to comply.

If I did go that way, the cases wouldn’t be all based on gender but one or two of the cases available would differ depending on whether you was male or female.

However I will not include them if they discrimate as that is far from the purpose of the game.

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@imf151 Thank you for being cordial with me. I shall do my utmost to return the courtesy:

I am well aware that discrimination exists in the world, and I am well aware that discrimination exists in fiction. What I want is to stop it from existing in either of those things. So when someone suggests that a piece of fiction include discrimination, I suggest that it should not. I am also of the opinion that discrimination’s existence in fiction contributes in a large way to its existence in reality, meaning that I am very eager to do my absolute best to see it abolished entirely from cultural material.

In addition there appears to have been a regrettable misunderstanding: I do not think that women should be sent to serve sentences in prisons alongside men; that’d pretty much be a guaranteed disaster. I was talking about the idea that a men’s prison would not allow a female government agent to enter its grounds.

Hope this clears everything up!

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Ok before the whole gender discrimination fiasco I’ve witnessed on several other threads takes off here, he said that he was kicking around the idea to increase the games replayability, which I think is a perfectly good use of a gender selection option

@Rob I don’t think there’s any such thing as good use of gender discrimination unless it is to make a point about gender discrimination. I would rather not see Unnatural go down the route of gratuitous sexism, and that’s the point of view I will continue to espouse.

I’m sorry I don’t see how having different story paths depending on your gender selection is discrimination, as long as you have the option of selecting your sex.

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