Silver Cross Inc

Just had an idea for a game but want to get some opinions on the idea before I start.

In the game you play the newest employee of Silver Cross Inc. An organisation that tracks down and capture or kill monsters.

For stats Im staying simple
physical (strength and stamina), mental(intellect and willpower), skill (fighting and ability) and spirit (supernatural power)

How does this sound?


Sounds good so wats the big story on this

Basically Silver Cross Inc. is a group who protect us from monsters. Normally they only recruit the best of the best. However a powerful monster attacked the HQ and they have lost a lot of people. which forces them to be less picky which is how your character joins. As a member you pick from several cases and you either flee from capture kill or be killed by the monster

Sounds interesting I would like to play it ok another question wat kind of supernatural powers will they have

It will be supernatural energy that you can choose how it is used either to increase your natural abilities, focus it into a weapon or manipulate the elements or shadows. Still thinking of it.

Interesting I think u should go on with the game

Sounds kind of like Angel; the CoG. Could be really, really cool. I look forward to hearing more.

I very much like the basic concept (different monsters, multiple cases to choose from) as it has a vaguely early-X-Files feel to it, before that all got a bit ‘samey’. Perhaps consider including a choice-of-partner at some point? Who wouldn’t want a Scully (or a Mulder, if that way inclined) tagging along? But that’s just me–I like character interactions in these things, as the opportunity to ask for opinion and advice, and perhaps direct their actions as well, can help to fill out this type of story and make it something more than just an ongoing kill-fest.

Great concept. Like Canisa said, it sounds like Angel, and I’d be very interested in that. Can even do episodes instead of chapters.

I do intend to have a partner for the character.

I’ll start writing it later and I’ll try and post some more.

The episodes instead of chapters is a great idea!


You will have partner that you will be able to choose, apart from the first case where your partner is decided for you depending on an earlier choice.

The Silver Cross Inc work in pairs, one of them is a hunter and specialises in combat both ranged and melee. The other is a guardian who flit between the natural and supernatural which gives them access to supernatural abilites.

An important stat that I’ve added is called RAPPORT and is linked to your partner it shows how well you get along (of course your choices affect this) reaching a 100% rapport with your partner gives your character a boost (a hunter partner gives you 25% physical and skill whilst a guardian partner gives you 25% in mental and spirit.)

I’ve made a website and will put an early demo up of the first case.

I hope that one can develop romantic relations with their partner. Also would like if some missions required more than the player and their partner. Maybe multiple teams of two working together? That should open up a lot of room for character development. For extra complexity points, you can make some of the other teams from characters the player didn’t choose as their partner. Who they are and how well they cooperate could depend on who was available for them to partner with. Could lower the complexity level by making their teams non-permanent, meaning John can partner with Sue during one mission and Ryan during another. If a second team is supposed to tag along at some point, you can program in two “normal” members, and a third “replacement” character that replaces one of the two normal members if they are chosen as the player’s partner.

Not sure how you plan on controlling their powers. The easiest approach is the generic “all hunters are like this, all guardians are like that.” Bonus replayability if you go for “hunters are either A, B, or C, and guardians are D, E, or F”. Super ultra omega bonus replayability and interest if you go for the (difficult to implement with lots of potential partners) “holy cow there are so many random powers - he can manipulate time and she can walk through shadows and that other guy can turn his hands into giant bees that shoot superheated lasers” approach.

Anyway, I look forward to the demo. This sounds like fun.

So far the spirit stat will affect the players ability to resist supernatural forces. (only supernatural power hunters have) where as guardians have more abilities (increased physical, mental or skill, manipulations of elements or shadows) they start off with one but can earn another in a particular “episode”.

Im hoping to have eight partners in total four hunters and four guardians. Also hoping to do at least ten cases monsters planned are vampires, lycanthropes, zombies, ghouls, ghosts, golems, wraiths.

The demo will hopefully be the complete first two episodes or at least episode.

Is there a link for this or angel? Which I’ve never heard of, what is it?

I thought they meant Angel as in the TV show.

Angel is a spin-off of Buffy the vampire slayer tv series just Google it.

I’ll post a link for this game when I have a working demo.

This seems really awesome.
The whole fantasy genre grips me, so am looking forward to the demo.

Just started watching Angel last week :slight_smile: . I will certainly look into your game, it sounds interesting so I’m looking forward to your demo.

Heres a question I am considering having both lycanthropes AND werewolves in this story with lycanthropes the term for a mortal bitten by a lycanthrope/werewolf and werewolves the term for someone born as one.

Each would have their own traits.

Its nice to hear the interest in the idea will try and have a demo in January.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have both as described, IMO. It’s horror fantasy, which means you should feel free to adapt conventional horror to suit your own story. There are no set rules you should feel bound to follow. In fact, you may even want to throw in some monsters of your own creation rather than just stick with traditional ones, so players cannot rely on existing folklore (garlic & wooden stakes for vampires, silver bullets for werewolves, etc.) in dealing with such. Keeps things interesting, when up against the unknown.