Invincible (WIP)

This game is about supernatural beings trying to blend in with the mortal world. They live by their own codes and The Council of Twelve, consisting of the oldest, most powerful Supernaturals in the world, was created to make sure all Supernaturals abided by those codes. They are currently trying to stop a rebellion brewing in their mists, led by Supernaturals that are tired of hiding their true nature from mortals. The Council fear that if they suceed in their cause, a war would be inevitable. They have spent years trying to keep the peace and war would cause unfortunate deaths on both sides, after all, it’s not like their Invincible.


looking forwards to it

Thanks. I’m thinking about the kinds of supernaturals I want in the game. Any ideas?

Sounds interesting are you going traditional with your monsters or are you after original versions?

Traditional or Original, it doesn’t really matter. But I might lean more towards traditional and change things as I go. But if you have any ideas, let me know.

ok i think you should make your own monsters it will prove that you are really creative

I’m 4 episodes into my game and have tried to add twists to the traditional. While making your own monsters can be fun, there are just times you want to see the traditional ones too

i could’nt read your whole game was too busy srry

@irule9344 Do you mean as in, for example, if I have a vampire in the game I should create a new version of a vampire? Or did you mean I should create a new supernatral from scratch?

from scratch

example a monster with eyes all around it’s head

k bye gotta work on my own game

My next stand-alone game and current one have to do with traditional monsters with a twist

I’ll try to be as original as possible, I’m thinking about creating two from scratch because they’ll be extremely important later on in the plot. @Nocturnal_Stillness I noticed that in your game Lycanthropes are just as strong as werewolves but they lose control as they transform. What do you think about me making them slaves to true werewolves and Beasts of War. Sort of like a last resort in case a war actually does break out and things are looking bad for the Supernaturals.

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Yeah that’d be interesting and could work well :slight_smile:

I actually need at least 12 supernaturals, technically 14, since I’m want each Supernatural to have their own sub-branch. And a extra two that I’m going to create wihout sub-branches. @Nocturnal_Stillness This just came to me. I was doing research on lycans and the site I was on said that lycans are actually humans believing they are werewolves. I’m going to change it so that lycans are actually humans that have been bitten but the venom does something to their brain so that they act only on animal instinct, they are savage beasts with inhuman strength and speed, and heightened senses. They must be locked up on the full moon because their abilities increase to such a dangerous level that even their masters/mistresses life is at stake. You must assert your dominance as soon as they awaken or they must be put down permanently. They can’t transform into wolves and their only weakness is fire.

sounds pretty cool to me


so did you start the game yet???

The world demands a demo you must provide or face the consequences >:-) mwahahahahahahahahahah!! OR FACE USER FURY!!! ( sorry came across this and liked the idea )