Beastly (WIP)

Title is in progress too >.>

Thought it was about time that I showed a bit of my work. So far it’s not much, but I’m still working on it.

Bit of a hint summary-

There have always been stories told, both spoken and written down, that tell of creatures that roam the night. These monsters hunt for their next victims, eager to sate their lust for blood, be it man, woman, or child. There is no discerning, no mercy, not for the Beast.

There are also those that hunt them, that take upon themselves to save those that fall prey to these creatures, that are willing to give up their lives without want of payment, known as heroes to the few they show themselves to.

This is your story, and it’s up to you who to find out who is the ‘Beast’ and who is the ‘Hunter.’

Smidgen of mystery, as something happens and you have to figure out who did it, but you get to choose to be either a Hunter, a Werewolf, and possible to end up as one and still help out the other, depending on the choices that are made, as it completely decides who did it. (As in, the main villain isn’t set in stone.)

I’m also going to point out that there are 4 romanceable options, two men and two woman that can be romanced by either gender.

I’m also gonna look into a save feature to be put in at a later point.

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Got a 404 error (boo!)

Well, so far it’s interesting. Though I wonder what happened to the car at the start? That probably needs addressing.

There’s minor spelling errors here and there but nothing major. I’ll give it another go later, hopefully I won’t get a 404 error again. It’s not an issue on your end btw.


Number five is here…

Yeah I got a 404 error too but looks like it happens at the end of what you’d written. I’m interesting to see what you have planned for this game.

I’ve only played through it twice so far, but both times I got a 404 error right after selecting “I guess” when talking with Alex.

I noticed that if you get out of bed at the start, the game explains that you have a little sister, but if you stay in bed you don’t get that explanation. It made it a bit confusing my first playthrough when I chose to bring a gun with me to the woods and it said that I made Kia take safety lessons, and I was left wondering who the hell Kia was until later.

Think I fixed it. Messed up on a *goto when talking to Alex

and @Eriedanna, thanks for letting me know, I’ll fix that right away!

Pretty interesting, reminds me of the show Supernatural. I think I’ll be keeping tabs on this.

Hmmm, turns out I neither helped nor hindered. (I was given the option too) so my story ends. Curious about what happens later.

@FallingCups, uh, yeah, that’s gonna happen at the end no matter what you choose. For now, anyway, as so far it’s the only ending. Talking to Kia about the other night as is far as I’ve gotten so far.

You’re a good writer, but you’re focusing a little too much on the book, while neglecting the game. You’re setting an early trend of long strips of text with near-meaningless choices. Where’s the interactivity?

I know that it doesn’t look like the choices mean much now, but they really do. Like the interaction with the other people, if they don’t like you, they’re not going to help you. Say, for instance, you turned Lynn away at the beginning, and you keep acting like a jerk to her, she’s not going to offer you the bite. If you do the same to Don, than you’re not going to even have the option of getting the bite at all. And with the last bit that you can go through, with Alex, gives you the opportunity to get closer to the hunters. For example, if you let Lynn have your phone, that gives you the ability to ‘start’ with Don, and if you let Alex have you’re number, then it’s works that way, too. You know?

Though, I’m gonna try to keep it where I’m not just ‘leading’ you through everything.

No updates just yet, but the previous link became invalid due to me messing around in the dropbox.

Great start can’t wait to see what happens next

am i doing something wrong or is the last page always that u didnt get involved

Well, so far it’s pretty awesome. I enjoyed playing it :slight_smile: Can’t wait for the update!


No, sorry, it’s just the only ‘ending’ I have so far. I’m gonna upload another pretty soon so you guy’s don’t get that.

I can’t even get to the game regrettably… 404 Error before I even start. Hope this gets fixed soon, the story sounds rather interesting.

Look five posts above yours and you’ll see why the first link in the first post, which is the one you probably clicked, doesn’t work. :slight_smile:

As far as the game is concerned, I definitely have some feedback I can give on it. Would you prefer that I post that feedback here, @Babisko, or in a message to you?

@Shenrai, I’m fine with either :slight_smile:

DURRRRRRRRRR Lol, man I’m stupid!

@Shenrai Thanks… Lol failure to LOOK.