The Hunter (WIP)

I’ve been working on this game for a few months. (The Hunter is a working title by the way.)
With roughly 10’000 words under my belt, I finally have a clear idea of where I want to go with this, so I have a short demo ready. It’ll be up shortly; I just need to fix a few things first.

This takes place in a low fantasy setting.

You are a Hunter of beasts, charged with responding to monster-related emergencies throughout the Empire.

You begin as a street urchin in a major Imperial city and trading hub, and must struggle to survive any way you can.
You will eventually cross paths with the Order of Hunters (working name) and be taken in as an apprentice.
After many years of training, - which you play through, building your character’s skills and personality all the while - you will be anointed into the Order (assuming you pass the exam- I mean “Trials”). You will choose how to conduct your hunts, which equipment to use, etc. Here, the game will become quite open-ended in terms of locations, missions, etc. As the story progresses and you become a veteran Hunter, you will begin to see that the monsters are more than meets the eye… and embark on an adventure that could change the fate of the known world. (Or not!)


Excellent! I love fantasy hunters! I can’t wait to see what kind of game we’ll hunt! Deer, wargs, wyverns, pixies, humans…

It sounds like a good idea, I can’t wait to try the demo

Sounds promising and ambitious. Good luck, looking forward to hearing more. :smiley:

Hell_Satan, a choice in that vein will be available, yes.

To everyone else, thanks for your enthusiasm! I’m excited to have something for you to play soon.

@WUBWUBWUB This sounds awesome,but what are our weapon variations.Are we like traditional hunters using only bows,traps and/or knives or can we use different weapons like swords and daggers?Or are we like Witchers?

@Drini7 You will have the opportunity to specialise in the following: polearms (spear, lance, halberd), archery, two-handed swords, daggers, or dual-wielding light weapons (e.g. dagger + one-handed sword).

Your first preference is the weapon you aim to master. Your second is the one you can achieve expert skill in. Your third preference is the weapon you can wield effectively, but aren’t great at. The fourth and last weapon option is the one you’re weak at, and should probably never use.

Choosing the appropriate toolset for the situation will be part of the gameplay, e.g. you might not want to hunt deer with a zweihander.

Trap-making will be included separately as part of a general wilderness survival skill, which includes bestiary knowledge, orientation and herbalism.

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This sounds a bit Witchery.

At the risk of sounding somewhat repetitive are all the monsters “beasts”? That is, are there any with say, human intelligence?

Are there going to be firearms?

@Shoelip Some of them are simply animals. Some are dangerous monsters. Others are possibly sapient… but those are just old legends that no one takes seriously anymore. I don’t want to reveal too much at this point, but the way you interact with these creatures will be up to you in more ways than one.

The Witcher series is a continuing source of inspiration.

@Interestedparty Of sorts, yes. But they are an extremely rare novelty. You might be able to get your hands on one afer the story’s mid-point, depending on your actions.

So, what sorts of monsters will there be? Like, preestablished types, or your own creations?

My own creations, but inspired from cryptozoology, urban legends and world folklore, so some things will be familiar (e.g. sirens), but different enough to make them interesting. It certainly won’t be typical fantasy fare (goblins, giant spiders, etc… there’ll be none of that).
(Not that I have anything against typical fantasy fare, mind you.)

Can the sirens be my friends? :smile:

Hahaha. Maybe if you pass a charisma/seduction skillcheck?

That reminds me: for some creatures, your MC’s gender and orientation will have an impact. The sirens are one such example.

You know those take like half a minute to reload right?

So… since you haven’t talked about it in the setting and when you were asked about weapon types you didn’t mentioned it, Magic is off the table?

This sounds like the first half of Bloodborne

Cool. Cant wait to play it

this sounds great. I can’t wait to play the demo.