Monster Hunter (Title W.I.P)

Just as the title says.
I have been playing Bloodborne and The Witcher recently and got a bit inspired to make a game like that.
The main storyline is that monsters and humans are at a war. During the start humans where obliterated, until a group of 10 people that held abilities and reflexes beyond the normal human had stepped up.They called themselves Hunters. They use weapons that are a formed from the remains of a monster or demon.
After 20 years the group of people appered they had drove the monsters close to extinction. But even though they were almost extinct there were still hundreds of thousands. This was how immense they were. Even as strong as the Hunters were they still aged, so they each trained a apprentice to take over them. After 100 years the apprentices became a Hunter and took a apprentice of their own. They continued to do this until a certain Hunter by the name of Chael White had decided to open up a Academy to be able to train more then 1 at a time. This brought forward the age of NewBloods. There were hundreds of them and they flourished and slayed monster after monster.
Now after 20 years monsters are now dropped down to only thousands. However now the Hunters are nowhere as near as strong as the Originals and because of this many Hunters do die when faced with a monster or demon too strong.
Now there are still 4 monsters that they call “Elders” These are the very first monsters that hold unspeakable powers, but they are slumbering.
The main storyline takes place when 1 of the Elders awaken from it’s slumber. There is currently no one that is able to defeat the power of an Elder, only a Original Hunter can, as they were the ones to drive them into their slumber. Chael White the founder of the academy one the only one with a chance to drive the Elder back into slumber has vanished.
Well that is the main storyline so far, of course I have more to tell but don’t want this to be to long. I’ll keep you guys updated with progress about it. Thanks for reading! Please leave some feedback!

I will be writing the storyline and choice options while my friend will be coding, so a demo might take a while sorry. Also I’m a bit preoccupied at the moment with exams and things so I’ll be spending about 1-2 hours on this game per day about, so progress will be a bit slow. Sorry for the trouble!


gotta change the name before publishing or Capcom ( I think that’s who owns the name) will sue your pants off. I think that the premise is a good idea though.

Thanks for telling me! Also yeah I do plan on changing the title as soon as I can! Just couldn’t think of one so far :stuck_out_tongue:.

Kinda reminds me of the manga Claymore. 'Cept in that one you can hardly call the conflict between monsters and humans a war… So, is it really a war like a World War, or is it more like The War on Drugs, or The War on Terror? Do the monsters have some organization and sentience or are they mindless killing machines? Are monsters all one species or are there distinct types?

@Hell_Satan Are you talking about that really bad movie called Van Helsing?

  1. What kind of “abilities” do the Hunters have? Are they like the Jedi of this world?
  2. I wonder if the “Elders” will start a monster academy of their own. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  3. What role is the PC/MC going to play in this world?

The anime isn’t “better”… It follows the Manga pretty much exactly up until a point and then just ends. It’s like if they’d stopped making Harry Potter movies after number 3.

I cannot betray humanity? I don’t care who suffer i want only to be fun.

  1. Hunters that are now trained in the academy don’t really have any special abilities (Can’t say the same for the MC) like flying, the force or things like that except for a bit of magicbut the Originals do have some special abilities. But for Hunters now a days instead they have better hearing, they trained their eyes to be able to see a lot better. You know the usual human enhancement.

  2. You never know.

  3. In due time my friend.

Who said you can’t? Well you never know, anything can happen :wink:

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When I first read the title I though of Hunter X Hunter which is a pretty great Anime/Manga and I think you can get some ideas about powers for the MC from it

Will there be a hard to get to plot line that ends with co-existence? The endings with peace always seem to be the hardest to achieve.

Bloodborne…so should we expect Cthulu half way through?

one based on him would fit the “Elder” description in all seriousness.

I really love your idea! Good luck with your WIP :smiley:

For the title you could say something like, ‘Pronoun; The Fall of the Elders’ or something dramatic like that, hehehe, anyway, the story sounds good and it looks like it’ll make a good game. :smile:

Hmmm! Elders will not fall! They will become my servants! If the author will put this path in the story. :worried:

Sorry about no updates! Very busy with Exams and some personal issues.
Quick update about Hunter PlayStyles and Classes. There will be 3 main classes:
Bladesmiths, Magicsmiths and Techsmiths.
They will all be divided into 3 subclasses. The class names will probably be changed.
A detailed post on the classes with be posted tomorrow aswell as the MC’s role and backstory!
Also feedback would be amazing and if you have any suggestions for classes they would be greatly appreciated!

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Magic!!! i will rule with an IRON FIST!!!

So would you major in one style, be average at another and be terrible at the last type? As in, to create the strength and weaknesses of the MC?

You would most likely focus all of your attention on one style, and only be able to do very little things with other styles. Although you can do something like a jack of all trades, which would be very difficult to play with, as you might have to have certain stats to win battles. Or you could focus on 2 styles and try to use that but you wouldn’t be as strong as in battles and might only have the bare minimal to be able to pull off a move. A lot of freedom will be given as to classes.
Also I had forgot to mention magic will be a bit hard to obtain.
Later post today will explain everything