Monster professionals that don't hunt them?

So we’ve had quite a few stories here and elsewhere with monster hunters. It’s as if it’s the only monster profession.

I had some idea of a character going to a new school and ending up as an unofficial counselor of monsters after a pack less werewolf hung out with them because “you smell good”.

I also had some idea where the protagonist’s parents WERE hunters but became monster negotiators for undecided reasons.

Not much to go on is it?


Actualy there is a game where we train monsters here. It was a good concept and while the game disapointed me just a little bit I still think its a good one. I’m 100% with you when you say that its almost as if monster hunter was the only popular one though.


There are a couple of CoG titles in this vein: Yeti Parole Officer and The Last Monster Master.

One a parole officer as profession, the other Monster trainer.


You know, I personally would buy a game if you ended up as a counselor to monsters. True, you might have to go out in the field as it were, but it would be different than just whacking them.

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I once mused over the idea of writing a game where you ran a dating agency for monsters. It was meant to be a puzzle game. Trying to fit everyone together with their best, or worst matches, and getting a short blurb of how the date went afterwards.

BUT I am the great procrastinator. Ideas are easy. Implementing them takes effort.


I think I’d have some fun programming such a puzzle. Who’s writing?

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Programming’s the easy bit. :slight_smile: Writing is tough! It’s so much hard work.