A Jurassic Park kind of choice of game?

I think this would be an amazing choice of game. Running away from T-rexs, fighting velociraptors, and surviving the jungles full of dinosaurs. I can imagine making a character and surviving a Jurassic Park like scenario.

What do you think, could this be a good choice of game or hosted game?

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Yes that could certainly be done. I think this could be a great addition to the growing number of user-made games.

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That would be really cool, and certainly unique as far as CoGs. Are you thinking of making this?

I would tame a flying Dino and a pack of velociraptors dig a trap pit with a arena and the losers that fall have to fight velociraptors

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I would dawn a loin cloth, wield an oversized club, and make excited primitive noises over small feats such as CREATING FIRE!!!

@Doctor what is this fire you speak of? since I don’t understand the concept I think you a fool

It … Already… Get… Harder not… To speak… In Grunts…

I think this would be very intriguing and fun. Id agree, try it. And as far as answering that question on being CoG or HG? Somebody made a mention on difference of the two on a different thread but don’t remember where. Im pretty sure it was Guins story thread. CoG for the more dependent on the books being sold more predominantly or HG as just extra and not necessary to be primary cash flow. I maybe wrong on that but there is a business model thread to look at near top of discussions.

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I like it.


CoG = published author
HG = non - published

Both types of authors could be writing for the money it is not limited to CoG authors.

Ah ok and thanks for clarifying that for me. I think most of my favorite are HG with a couple CoG. Mostly due to having more time to create? Played all and own all of the stories thus far.


Yes people who want to write for a living tend to get more time. I personally wrote Unnatural over the course of 2 years on and off as a hobby. Whereas @Samuel_H_Young who wants to write for a living got Trial of the Demon Hunter in a year and a half if I remember right.

HG authors tend to spend more time on the forums as well.

It took me 14 months, but that’s not that quick if you consider that Unnatural is nearly triple the size of DH :stuck_out_tongue: though that was mainly because I hadn’t learned to code yet, and it was more of a hobby for the first 10 months.

Now I write nearly full time, so it seems like it’ll take about 6 months for me to write Judgement of the Fallen (the sequel of roughly the same length).

Im not sure where I will fall in with mine. I got two important scenes being fleshed out. Still not sure how to code yet but im looking at it. The other stuff like chapter one would be basically building the MC and a couple other main characters. I read some codings will take more to deal with. Anything else on this, I probably should revert to my own thread and not continue in this one.

Yeah, we wouldn’t want to hijack @Outcast98 's thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, isnt that what we are supposed to do to everyone’s threads? :wink:

I would like to be a dinosaur in a COG game

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No @Samuel_H_Young I wasn’t planning on making this,
but any ones free to make this, I made this thread so I can get other people thinking to make this. :wink: